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  1. higher towing rates great now just make it so anyone who buys it can tow that much with out having to go to tractor trailer school to do so and the expensive inspections on gvws over 10K lbs . does anyone know what the gvw will be on the trucks ?
  2. well over all the truck looks good when will the GMC version be shown ? hope the addressed plow electrical problem like what happened in the 2015's , was hoping that there would be an allison transmision option for the new gas engine, better fuel economy ,towing and payload too and a live pto option for plows like ford has . also it be nice to get the those discounted packed deals with out sunroofs in every one maybe they could have one with and with out .
  3. I am liking the trailer tow mirrors with it mounted low visibility really stinks looking thru that mounting point where they are now, one thing i wounder if they are doing it about the frame that wax coating is a pain I still have rust forming on mine
  4. you know the other odd thing that go me thinking they are using the cab from the current line up of trucks and it took them this long not like they had to redo that too only had to redo the hood. for me it just seams like they should of had more done and better trailer towing not like they had to build it from scratch engine was done except to tweek it cab done and most likely frame too . does anyone else feel like it took longer than it should with what you know now? and one other thing they just got ride of the cutaways van option with this cab just not set up right to do it .
  5. so for model year 2019 they will not be making anykind of regular cab models ?
  6. I posted something the other day but i think it did not go thru. You would think that GM would just build i new line up of trucks with the amount of time they spent on the 4500 5500 and surprised every one with a 6500 why did they not just make the other two 7500 and 8500 ? have gvw from 35K down different engine options with a good gas engin in the mix as well has better towing on that 5500-6500 ? at least they made the 4x4 part of the current line up off the bat instead of waiting . .
  7. I was surprised with the added 6500 but why didn't they just do like they used to have 8500,7500,6500,5500,4500 they need more engine choices or hp's in the Dmax and gvw's from 35k down seams that the amount of time spend on this they would have that line up again.
  8. https://www.equipmentworld.com/chevys-navistar-built-work-trucks-will-be-silverados/?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=10-14-2017&utm_campaign=Equipment World&ust_id=5c463588ca3c89b5e47b53a54a25bbe9
  9. I hope so from a cab stand point I think they both took a step down gm s old 4500 and 5500 cab was much better and visibility looks like it was too
  10. 2 more things I forgot to add getting anyone to work on a diesel besides a dealer is hard to find and getting fuel is almost as bad not every station carries it or def for that matter you have to go to the auto parts store Just wanted to add right now i am getting like 4-5 mpg plowing in 4 wd and as far as millage lucky if i'm making 10 but most if not all my driving is local so i expected that
  11. I love diesel but it has got to the point that it is not worth it for me . pro's for it 1 plenty of torque and power 2 can go longer on a tank of fuel. con's 1 cost about $10K up charge when ordering 2 fuel is more $ vs the old days when diesel was cheaper than gas 3 maintenance cost are higher 4 added weight lower carrying capacity 5 now you have to add def and another added problem to break and put truck out of commission .
  12. any news on them can't believe there is not even a prototype out there or any info considering they would have to start tooling up for a 2018 release date on them wouldn't they ?
  13. add a set of timbrens in front http://timbren.com/ses-kit-lookup/
  14. I wonder how long it will take them to interduce a 4x4 model you would think they would have that come out at the same time but for some reason they all wait a year or two to have that model one that every landscaper and contractor want the most . I really can't wait to see what this truck looks like but like everything else the price tag is getting ridiculous on these trucks
  15. I never realized the terrastar has hualted production back at the end of 2015 because of the engine . so from that I am guessing that is the truck maybe a nose modification and GM's duramax engine in it and that is the new truck. Unless they are building the cab from the gound up.
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