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  1. I asked them about it and their response didn’t make me feel comfortable. I want someone that has done a lot of these in the past.
  2. They hadn’t really done them before, and wanted someone with more experience with this.
  3. Just picked up a 2018 Denali 1500 yesterday, and I need the front lifted immediately. Can someone please advise me as to where there is a good shop in the Los Angeles area that can help me with purtchase , install, and alignment. Preferably near Redondo Beach. I am trying to steer clear of 4 wheel parts, but will go there as a last resort. Btw this is a 6.2 with the 8 speed and Magnetic Ride Control. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to your responses. -H
  4. I just installed the intune, firm shifts and 87 octane tune. It may just be my mind playing tricks on me, but the ride seems firmer than before. Is there any way this could be possible? Thanks!
  5. The chrome rims also come with an all chrome center cap where it says GMC, and it looks like on the polished rim the GMC is in red on the center cap.
  6. The Gps icon on the nav screen has had a red line through it for the last three days. Any ideas? Thanks, H
  7. Got it working great to receive, and read me the texts but now I am not able to send any texts from the truck. Ideas? H
  8. Just purchased a '15 Sierra Denali, and am having trouble getting my texts to show up on the screen. I have the text icon at the home screen, but I can't ever get any messages to show up. When I use the same phone in my BMW it works perfectly(emails come through as well). Any help getting this to work is really appreciated. Thanks, H
  9. 2015 SIERRA Denali 4wd. 55,530.00 sticker. Got it for 49k plus tax and license. I am really happy with the deal, and the dealership was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. Now it's time to enjoy it! Hector
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