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  1. Best OEM Parts deal?

    Thank you I will check them out.
  2. Best OEM Parts deal?

    You are right. That doesn’t happen often. Thanks
  3. Best OEM Parts deal?

    Thank you Vin is: 3GCUKREC2JG363545
  4. Where can I find the best deal on OEM replacement parts? Thanks to a little incident I tore the front valance off and need a new one. Your help is much appreciated
  5. Range device or Tune??

    Really like this lift and truck looks great! How do you like the Ridge's? Glad you like your cst lift. Been looking hard at the mid-travel kit.
  6. Range device or Tune??

    Wow, looks like I opened up a can of worms on this one. lol. I appreciate all of your responses. I've ruled out the Range. Looking heavily at the Superchips, for now. With what I am wanting to do with the truck I think it will be just fine. Although, if I decide to lift it later in the future then..... we will see what happens.
  7. Range device or Tune??

    I stopped by my local accessories shop and they gave me some info on the superchips.... which piqued my interest because it didn’t sound to extensive. Right now the truck is stock... but I have plans in the near future (extremely near lol) to add: 12.50x33R20 tires wheels Leveling coil overs CA intake and exhaust - not sure on what yet. Although the 4” lifts are really catching my eye.
  8. Get a range device or go ahead and get a tune?? What are you guys doing? 2018 Silverado CC 5.3L V8
  9. Tool Box

    Dang, that looks nice. And well organized!
  10. Been debating on getting a tool box for my 2018 Silverado. Think I'm leaning more towards the crossover style. Anyone have any pics for reference?
  11. Sounds good, probably going to pull the trigger on one.
  12. The only picture I have of the back is this one. As far as the jump seat, I'm assuming your referring to the fold down console? I think they would look good, originally the truck I was first looking at had leather and the fold down console. But I wanted the floor center console. Of course to get that I had to give up the leather. So after back and forth with the dealership the salesman ended up paying for the katzkins.
  13. Do it! I highly recommend. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been running your range device?
  14. Thanks guys! Good to be back
  15. Thanks! That's what I have heard too. So, time will tell I guess. I think the color meshes well with the interior of the truck.

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