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  1. Sounds good, probably going to pull the trigger on one.
  2. The only picture I have of the back is this one. As far as the jump seat, I'm assuming your referring to the fold down console? I think they would look good, originally the truck I was first looking at had leather and the fold down console. But I wanted the floor center console. Of course to get that I had to give up the leather. So after back and forth with the dealership the salesman ended up paying for the katzkins.
  3. Do it! I highly recommend. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been running your range device?
  4. Thanks guys! Good to be back
  5. Thanks! That's what I have heard too. So, time will tell I guess. I think the color meshes well with the interior of the truck.
  6. Thank you! I am very pleased with the result. You won't regret it. Looks like a factory job.
  7. I had a local custom shop install them that works with the dealer I bought the truck from. Luckily, the salesman threw them into the deal to help "persuade" me to sign! But I did ask the custom shop what it would cost if I paid for them, was told $1,500 to start. Then $100 for every add-on (cross-stitching, piping, multicolor, etc.) And I have considered a tune, just weighing pros and cons at the moment. But yes I have a list of mods that seems to just keep growing!! lol
  8. Thanks! Super duty was nice. Especially with the 6.7 diesel. I bought the super duty with intentions of doing some heavy hauling aside from work. Well that didn't pan out. Between that and a 4'-0" pregnant wife lol, I didn't see a need for it any longer. this was the super duty
  9. Well about 2 weeks ago I traded in a '17 F250 and purchased a new 2018 Silverado Texas addition Z71 CC. Last time I was on this forum was in 2014 when I had recently bought a '14 Sierra 2wd. I've been pretty pleased with this truck. Mods so far: Driver's Side A-Pillar Grab Handle Katzkin Leather 20% on Front 2 windows to match back 5% strip on front windshield Actually been contemplating on a Range AFM disable, I know they were pretty popular back when I had my '14. Curious to see how they're doing for the 18's for those of you who are running them, and if it is worth the money? I'll attach a few pics (I haven't been able to take any good ones, the weather in Louisiana has been crappy the past several days)
  10. Sorry for such a late reply but I appreciate all you guys' input. I traded my '14 with about 30k miles in and got mine for right at 30k 4x4 5.3 black
  11. Hey guys, I need a little info and help. I'm looking at getting another truck for work. A sierra elevation edition. If someone has purchased and doesn't mind telling me ( I don't need to know exact ). But about how much did you purchase the truck for... I know the truck is basically the work truck 4x4 with painted bumpers, wheels, etc. Just trying to figure out if I will be paying too much or if I am getting an ok deal. Any info/opinions is greatly appreciated. Like I said I'm not trying to get into anyone's financial business... just looking for a few rough numbers. Thanks, and have a great day!
  12. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Just a little curious, has anyone leveled a 2wd on here??
  13. What did you drive in High School?

    Me too, my dad's been working on them longer than I've been alive. Haha I can imagine. Hopefully you've got a shot. lol "Something to thrill your taste buds"
  14. What did you drive in High School?

    Thanks, and yes I did, still do for about 7 years now. It's actually a limited modified or from where I'm from they call them a southern sport mod. I have driven Modifieds before though.
  15. AVS ventvisors

    Sorry for the late response, but I've had these on for about 2 weeks so far and no complaints whatsoever. I installed them in the cold.. 40's and left the with the windows up for 3 days. I've drove with all 4 windows down going interstate speeds and zero complaints. Really like the looks of them. And satisfied with durability (...so far)

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