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  1. For the life of me I can't figure out what the shinny piece of tin foil is - by the right upper portion - behind the grill. Perhaps something to do with the high capacity air filter???? Its right in front of the rad.....
  2. And all is good in the world. I took the advice many of you offered and brought in donuts and explained I might have gone a little overboard. The manager thanked me and in return gave me Gas cards for my inconvenience. I told him I appreciate the gesture and would highly recommend his service bay for friends and family. In fact , last night I received 2 separate calls from 2 separate advisors, on the issue. I mentioned how happy I was with how it all worked out.
  3. My Free - 25 hour oil change. Unbelievable. That’s how I would describe it. I purchased a new 2018 Chevy 1500 Silverado LTZ and took it to the dealership after 1 month of ownership - for 1 of 4 free oil changes. I expected an hour wait… After an hour and a half I started to question the status of my vehicle. The girl comes out and says I have good news and bad news. The good news is your oil change is done. The bad news is (And my heart starts to sink) – They cannot get it off the lift. A cable is broken but they think it can be fixed. So I wait 5 minutes and walk out to the bay and see then trying to balance the truck using tall manual jacks by the rear axle. I then begin to “strongly explain to them “that I will be beyond angry if there are any dents, scraps or damage to the truck due to the failure of the hoist. (An older version of a Rotary lift) I then speak to the shop foreman who explains a cable snapped and the hoist will not lower. They called a company who will be sending out someone tomorrow to repair it. And then I ask – when was this going to be communicated to me? And how am I getting home or getting to work tomorrow? Don’t you do regular inspect of lifts to prevent this from happening? I then mentioned I will be beyond angry if the frame is bent of there is any damage of any kind. The shop foreman explained that they will take every pre-caution that the vehicle will not be damaged. I am skeptical. So I have a rental from them today and will pick it up in the afternoon. Man, am I ever upset.
  4. This has happened to me as well. 2015 Denali cc. It always happens on the passenger side - and generally happen when it has been raining ( 1 time above and 1 time just below freezing ) I'm debating if I should take it in - or just wait until it completly fails.
  5. It's a truck. I've driven trucks for close to 25 years. I love the ride height - the safety factor - and the power. I really don't tow much - nor do I need the bed for moving stuff. I bought this truck because it's what I wanted to drive. Anyone out there purchase for the same reason.
  6. Dash Cameras

    Word of advice for the blackvue owners. If you buy the 2 channel you will have to wire it down the drivers side. ( ask me why I know ) I also have a sliding window and the wiring is just barely long enough for my crew cab. As well I also have the power pro. Good camara and set up. In the new year I am so going to purchase an addition power cord so I can move the camera from vehicle to vehicle.
  7. Dash Cameras

    Another recommend for the blackvue. I have it installed front and rear and can review all 3 minute clips from my phone. It costs a bit - but for hd quality - it's worth it.
  8. Just heard. Truck was mostly leaking from windshield but also shark fin. Glad I caught the issue before any headliner staining. Professional grade. Not on this vehicle.
  9. It's fixed. I have a 2015 Denali - with no sunroof. According to the service rep the truck was leaking from the shark fin and the upper portion of the front windshield. But mostly from the windshield. I'm glad I caught it early before any staining to the headliner. You would think after all the years of making trucks - professional grade should account for something.
  10. I don't have a sunroof so it must be leaking from the shark fin. It's going into the dealer on Monday.
  11. Block Heater

    It's optional equipment now - about 100 dollars. ( Canadian ) If your vehicle has it - it would be near the empty battery tray on the drivers side.
  12. Add one more to the list 2015 Denali. Add one more to the list 2015 Denali.
  13. Anyone else have an issue. I have a 2015 Denali that is 7 months old - and it does not have a sunroof. I noticed today I few small drips of water coming through the small square bracket holding the drivers side sun visor. I remember reading the shark fin has a problem with letting water in. Anyone else experience this problem? Thanks in advance.
  14. Wheel Locks

    The gorilla locks I purchased for my open rim 20 inch Denali are 14mm x 1.50 thread. They don't stick out more than the regulars lock nuts. ( in fact they are slightly shorter ) the model number is 61641. Note. Do not order the 61641n. They are for rims that have a cover plate.
  15. Wheel Locks

    I ordered the Gorilla locks (61641) from amazon. They look great.

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