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  1. It's not a recall, it's a technical service bulletin. Those are 2 very different things. Either way, Turner Buick/GMC just came through for me. They're going to make the repair and deal with the Virginia dealer if there's an issue.
  2. I bought a '17 3500 Silverado on Memorial Day (May 27, 2019) from a dealer in Virginia and drove it home to PA. It is GM pre-owned certified. This morning, I took it to my local dealer because the EGR coolant inlet pipe was dripping at the weld on the pipe (TSB PIP5487C). The PA dealer ran the pipe to see how it should be covered and found it would normally fall under the bumper to bumper. He called me to say that the pre-owned certification had not been processed by GM yet and could take at least another week. I'm told that in the meantime I could either pay out of pocket and "hope" for a reimbursement from GM once the warranty finally processes through their system (this was not recommended by my dealer) OR I'd have to come back after the warranty was processed so it would be covered. So my choices are, pay and maybe never see the money again or keep driving a truck with a coolant leak until GM gets their crap together. Has anyone else had to have pre-owned certified warranty work done shortly after buying a "certified" truck from a dealer and struggled since the certification wasn't "done" yet? Makes absolutely no sense to me. I took the day to take the truck to the dealer, it's sitting there now, and I want it back fixed, without having to pay for repairs since I already paid for the truck with the warranty included! I also don't want to take another full day taking it back to the dealer again after the warranty comes into effect. GM just needs to step up and make this issue go away.
  3. As a follow up, the ECM failed and needed to be replaced/programmed. I cut the lid off the original ECM and found that all three wiring harness plugs (J1, J2, and J3) were clearly burned where they are soldered onto the circuit board (FYI, I had to break the board in half to get it out of the housing so that's why the green part of the board is peeled...notice though, the darker green areas around the solder points. You can also smell that the smoke came out). There was also burning at the capacitor solder points and the voltage regulator. The dealer that did the programming for me said this is the 5th or 6th computer they've replaced at their shop in 2 years AND the dealer I bought the computer from had FIVE of them in stock...what's that tell you?
  4. For those interested, my ECM failed. Replaced it at the dealer today and had it reprogrammed. Back in business! Sounds like an expensive trip to the dealer for them to waste a bunch of time combing through module after module.
  5. Sounds like an expensive trip to the dealer for them to waste a bunch of time combing through module after module.
  6. Makes sense. If the cables/starter don't resolve it, that will be my next step at the dealer.
  7. I just ordered a new starter, positive battery cable, and negative battery cable. Amazon will have it to me by Wednesday. I'll throw it all on and see what happens. If still no start, I'll put it on my trailer and tow it to the dealer for a scan and see if they have an issue connecting to the ECM too. As of now, I'm leaning towards a failed ECM.
  8. Oh, sorry, those are definitely not factory lol. I actually removed them today.
  9. Proper scan? You mean like BCM and ECM scan? My ECM isn't doing much of anything because nothing can connect to it.
  10. all grounds and 12v check out as expected. Maybe the ECU took a crap?
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