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  1. Should be only the driver's window, from the driver's door panel. I'd also like to know how he got it to do all of them.
  2. My new cable seemed to work fine this morning. I also started using a USB thumb drive for music and that worked great as well. I'm thinking it was a bad cable.
  3. Hey 'bird, @ws6firebirdta00 I see you have an '18 as well. I've had issues where it connects and then disconnects the phone when plugged into the console (Android). Enough that I won't use it until it works better. I really wanted to use the Android interface. I bought a new cable yesterday and haven't tried it. What is your indication of failure? I will try it again and make note if the phone shows charging or not, which would indicate a power fail. I also have a USB light thingy that I could use to check if DC power is present on the 2nd port at the same time.
  4. Cool, Thanks guys! That makes sense. It just never lasted long enough for me to locate it, and it would only do it once.
  5. I've had my 2018 GMC Sierra SLT for three weeks now. I noticed there is a whirring sound that comes from under the driver's seat if I unlock it and open the driver's door. It seems like it happens only after it has sat for a while. It lasts maybe 3 seconds and sounds like a seat motor. I have the seat position recall turned off as I am the only driver. I don't have easy access enabled. It may not be from the driver's seat, but that's where it sounds like it's coming from. Any ideas? Thanks!
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