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  1. That's what I'm hoping for. Thanks for your input. Actually makes me feel better.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Trust me I will make it a habit to turn off the Auto Stop button from now on every time just to make sure it's not related to that. It happened so fast and traffic started to move that I didn't pay attention if the Auto Off light turned on. These new ones have a green light in the digital cluster when it shuts off because of auto stop. A buddy of mine who's a GM tech for many years also said these new trucks will have these type of strange issues sometimes. His advise was not to take it in to the dealer unless it's a repeating issue.
  3. My refreshed 2022 Silverado RST shut off today after a long 3 hour trip for work. It turned off after hwy traffic came to a full stop. My AC was on because Houston. So it's my understanding the Auto Start / Stop feature doesn't engage while AC is on. However even if it was the auto stop it didn't turn back on when I let go of the break. I had to turn the truck back on with the start button and put it back in Drive. It did turned right back on with no issues or check engine light or any other light. Also when it shut off, everything stayed on, infotainment, radio. It's almost like a Auto Start / Stop glitch.
  4. Already replaced the motor and that didn't solve issue. It does this after I run the wipers but will stop after a couple of days no use. Once it rains and I have to use the wipers it will start again. I do know it's not the rain. I can turn them on with no rain and problem starts again. Not sure what else it could be.
  5. My 2014 Sierra makes a hollow boom sound when I go over some road bumps at slower speeds. It defiantly sounds like the sheet metal from the bed is bouncing. It’s not to extreme but has me wondering if this is normal. It’s very easy to hear when going over railroad tracks. Thoughts?
  6. Mine also clicks or pops when parked and I turn the wheel. Was hoping for a easy fix but sounds like this will be a dealer issue.
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