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  1. Nice ride......I have "14" Charger w/5.7 and a "16" Challenger w/ 6.4 485 HP Hemi. I have had no issues with the 3 other Hemis I have had. the 372 HP 5,7 makes for a fun ride.
  2. You really do not need any adapters as you have both plugs in the bumper for the type the trailer has. They used to supply an adapter to the 4 pin plug when you only had the 7pin plug in the bumper..
  3. Does it had a hill decent switch on the center pod? If so is it on or off?
  4. Cardnial Red GMC

    Thanks Josh. I could not get them to upload...........IB.
  5. Traded my 15 Chevy All Star for a 16 GMC Sierra SLT Premium. This thing has so many options that it should be tagged Denali. Sticker was 53k+ and got it for 41k+......So much difference in the two trucks...............JB. http://s38.photobucket.com/user/Valkyrie9901/library/
  6. GM Pickup Headlight Issue Validated By IIHS Testing

    When I was younger, I thought my 53 Chevy's lights were great. My 15 2k were fantastic till I was told they were poor... .
  7. It is buried back where the engine and trans are mated.....Trans should have the same number wire stamped on it....All it is , is the last few #'s of the VIN....
  8. Last time I was at the plant in F/W, They wire stamped the last numbers of the S/N on a boast the back of the block.
  9. To buy it at the end will be 30K. Good lease terms if you are not going to buy it out.
  10. If you have to eat this, find one in a pick-a-part and swap it out yourself. IMO if one cylinder is bad it needs a complete rebuild.......JB.
  11. Train them to keep their feet off them......or get some sticky-back stuff that you put on carpet as a runner.
  12. Dash Problems!

    It is just a narrow filler strip that snaps in between the main dash and the windshield. Not a hard job to replace but the part is molded too thin without extra ribs in it to keep it from bowing up. It is held in with clips in the sash as in the 900's.
  13. How many 2015's were made.

    Last I knew they put a tag on the D/S of the frame that tells the time the truck build was started...
  14. Let them take the truck and drive it. You might get lucky and they find the problems or wreck it and have to give you a different truck........Good luck with your quest.
  15. Have you tried using a clay bar treatment on it? They sell a kit with everything you need.

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