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  1. I had a tear in the perforated seat on the driver side and what looked like a soon-to-be tear on the passenger's seat of my 2015, it was j a little over a year old. Dealership re-covered both seats without hesitation.
  2. The truck was titled but only had 83 miles. The guy that bought it tried to export it or some shit.
  3. I decided to trade my Silverado and get into something new - I've been looking at trucks for a little while and ended up settling on a new Ram 1500 Limited. I test drove trucks from the Big 3 - I did not like the Fords at all. Pretty tough to find well-equipped 5.0's and I hated the ecoboost. The prices are a little out of whack too and I was finding very little room to negotiate. The Ram interior is outstanding - high-quality materials, very comfortable, a little more space in the crew cab backseat, has rear AC (living in South FL, this was a significant issue for my kids on hot summer days in my 2015 Silverado). But the biggest factor tipping the scales in favor of the Ram was the diesel engine option. I do about 75/25 highway/city driving - in a couple days of commuting, the Ram is returning very impressive MPGs. While there is typically a premium paid for the diesel, I scored a very good deal on the truck, as the Rams are offering very aggressive discount/rebates right now. I really liked my Silverado and have virtually no complaints. I'm anxious to see where the Sierra's/Silverado's are headed and will certainly watch closely when the 2019/2020 come out.
  4. Glad you like it, that's all that matters. I know there are a few threads where guys end up getting frustrated by the helicopter sound, even more than the drone. There are always cheaper alternatives than a full cat back system - I did a full delete of everything from the cats and installed an 18-inch maganflow - once I tuned the AFM off I was very happy with the sound - and the muffler with install plus nice tips cost like $200 and change.
  5. Funny, I bought a new truck last week - had no dealer identification stickers and no license plate frame with dealer branding. In fact, my salesman removed my old license plate frame and put it on my new truck.
  6. I would swap, personally. I have 3.73 with 33s and feel like I'm at the limit to prevent crappy shifting/loss of power/loss gas mileage etc. See this chart just as as guide
  7. Just an update - not getting very far at all in negotiations, dealership is standing firm at right around 20% off sticker for the 16s. They offered me $34k for my 2015 LTZ Z71 4x4 (which seems fair given that I have 37,000 miles + and the truck does have an accident that shows up on the Carfax - someone backed into me in a parking lot about 18 months ago, since been repaired). So, I walked away. If they don't come back then so be it - I love my truck, just thought I'd get into something new if the price was right.
  8. These are brand new/never titled/zero miles (literally, 12-15 miles from demo rides). But yes, full 3/36k warranty
  9. There are a few leftover 2016 Sierras/Silverados at local dealerships that are being sold for close to 20% off original sticker price. I'm in a positive equity position in my '15 Silverado (somewhere between $5000-$7000 dollars). So, I could get into a new '16 with nothing out of pocket and walk away with a slightly lower payment. The question is, do you think it's wise to buy a new truck that will be 2 years old in just a few months once the '18s roll onto the lots?
  10. It is an ethical issue - curbstoning allows the dealer to avoid having to comply with the same regulations dealers are upheld to. In Florida, it's against the law and a dealership can lose their license to operate for curbstoning. If the dealership is doing this I would be wary of dealing with them in the future.
  11. I honestly don't remember if the Silverado programmer had an idle adjustment - I don't think it did. I'll cycle through the programmer options and see.
  12. Hypertech Max 2.0 allows for the adjustment for RPMs at idle, at each individual shift point etc
  13. 285/55 22, rides nice with the Bilstein 5100s
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