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  1. I see subtly is lost on you. Again, if you're worried about how something in my truck will look and have a better option you can provide, feel free to send it my way.
  2. Feel free to buy one and send it my way if you're so worried about how it might end up looking.
  3. This does look good. And speaking of tow hooks, it looks like on the header image (top image of all the trucks) on this site there are lights that are right next to where the tow hooks are. Will do some digging on that, and if anyone has any information on how those are in those pictures that would be appreciated. I'd rather keep the hooks if that's an actual viable option.
  4. LED Reverse Lights & Others

    Do they wash out your backup camera or is it still clear?
  5. No particular reason not to go OEM other than cost really, I suppose. That said, that's only because I imagine they're quite costly from GM, should they be on par with aftermarket solutions then they'd certainly be an option. Wiring wise, I'm just going to be adding them to a toggle switch inside.
  6. I don't have the OEM fog lights, so I'm wanting to add some. Anyone have pictures/suggestions of good locations or setups for adding them? I'm also not particularly interested in a light bar. I've considered the following: - Bull-bar/Grill Guard with lights mounted on it - Buying an OEM bumper with holes for lights and adding aftermarket ones
  7. This is something I'd be interested in, and am located in Dallas as well. However, I'm curious to know how this would work on a truck that didn't come with factory dual air. Surely it isn't a simple plug-and-play, is it? E- Did some research and found the answers I was looking for:
  8. Center Console 110v Outlet To Something Else

    I haven't measured; but I was thinking of just getting another set of USB ports to put there. I reached out to Phil about jumping the existing USB power over to them and said it was possible to change up the harness to support it. I imagine you can also jump the USB-Out from the existing ports to the USB-In of the new ports. Then the USB-Out of the new ports to the USB-In of the existing back ports. The only thing I'm worried about would be the possible load on the circuit/fuse if you had them all going at once.
  9. Audio Upgrade

    Have a link to the video?
  10. My truck didn't originally come with the 110v outlet/option so I have no use for it doing the console swap, and no plans to put in an aftermarket inverter. Has anyone replaced that plug with something different? Any ideas on what I could swap in there instead?
  11. I'm doing the center console swap and want to make a change to the two trim inserts. Right now have the faux woodgrain-ish ones (sorry, don't know exactly what they're called) and was wondering if anyone made anything that would replace them or cover them. I know GM has an option with them plus a lot more; but really just needing to change those two to something black or with flames (ha!). Thanks.

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