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  1. Apologies if posted before, I searched and found nothing. I updated my phone recently and noticed something very interesting. I did a console swap for my truck, and confirmed it had the early model wireless charging. I was testing the fit of my new S10E, with and without case, on the console to see if it would rest nicely when it started to charge wirelessly. I haven't done a full set of tests to see how fast, to what percent, location, rubber orientation, etc. So if anyone wants to feel free; but I did want to pass this along for those who have yet to upgrade and might have this phone.
  2. For those also interested in the wireless charging upgrade I have some decent news if you have a Galaxy S10 (specifically the E version is the version I have). I bought my console with the first generation wireless charging with a plan to update it as it wasn't working for my previous Galaxy phone. However, the S10E even with a case, fits and charges wirelessly.
  3. Center Console Trim Replacement Options

    Ha, unfortunately not.
  4. Center Console Trim Replacement Options

    I will not with my current setup. I have the stock interior with all the little ridges/bumps. I've been told vinyl doesn't work well with that. I'll need to get some replacements so I can sand them smooth to get the vinyl to stick, or just paint them to match.
  5. Silver Ice Metallic paint fans

    Anyone familiar with an aftermarket paint code that will match this as best as possible? I tend to use Dupli-Color, and they say they have one that is a "Silver Metallic GM Exact-Match." I'll be painting some parts to match the rest of the body and would like to get as close as possible. Edit: I see it was mentioned once previously: Switchblade Silver. It doesn't look like there's any "metallic" in that color, though... so any specific information is appreciated.
  6. I was able to acquire a non-foglight bumper from a work truck for $50. Once I figure out which lights I'm going to go with I'll use that to mount them in, then paint to match. The most difficult part will be to recreate the beveled edge; so I might go a different route and for something more flush perhaps.
  7. Center Console Trim Replacement Options

    I do! I'm still doing some tweaking to the consoles fitting from wear/use/disassembly I imagine happened from the original owner. The inserts were smooth so that after a good cleaning, the wrap was easy to apply with the use of a heatgun.
  8. Was able to knock this out this weekend thanks to Phil's harness and another forum member, Alex, for selling me the console. Got everything painted, trim wrapped, and connected successfully. I'll end up replacing the wireless charging and reupholstering the lid as well eventually. For now I'm happy with how things have turned out.
  9. Center Console Trim Replacement Options

    Thanks for the replies. Just to follow up, I did end up wrapping them. My first attempt at vinyl wrap and I have to say it was rather easy. Makes me want to do more.
  10. I'm starting to like the tow hook spots the more I think about it. I'd certainly get more use from the lights than the hooks daily. Thanks for that suggestion and pics! Ha, of course. Back to the drawing board! I think if I went with the OEM cutout bumper, I would probably go with aftermarket ones given the cost of the OEM lights.
  11. I see subtly is lost on you. Again, if you're worried about how something in my truck will look and have a better option you can provide, feel free to send it my way.
  12. Feel free to buy one and send it my way if you're so worried about how it might end up looking.
  13. This does look good. And speaking of tow hooks, it looks like on the header image (top image of all the trucks) on this site there are lights that are right next to where the tow hooks are. Will do some digging on that, and if anyone has any information on how those are in those pictures that would be appreciated. I'd rather keep the hooks if that's an actual viable option.
  14. LED Reverse Lights & Others

    Do they wash out your backup camera or is it still clear?
  15. No particular reason not to go OEM other than cost really, I suppose. That said, that's only because I imagine they're quite costly from GM, should they be on par with aftermarket solutions then they'd certainly be an option. Wiring wise, I'm just going to be adding them to a toggle switch inside.

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