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  1. Well looks like they might have a fix. And its in the form of a 2015 camaro ss. I am so afraid of getting another truck and having same issue or issue that all of you are having. Drove almost every style at dealership and just love the power. They also are going to reimburse my first payment and try to help on some of money already invested in truck. Lowering,tint,taillights,and detail. But not 100% done yet. Until I have signed papers in front of me we will see
  2. Well just got a call that now they want to replace motor. Only has 1200 miles can not find the issue the tech working on my truck got so mad he quit. Now headed there to talk to them and general manager and gm rep.
  3. So my 2015 has been at the dealership with a bad vibration while sitting still and in gear. I have a case with gm and my dealership. Has been in the shop longer than I have had. Haven't even made first payment yet and has been at dealership for almost 30 days. With the answer to my questions 'we don't know what's wrong' any advice guys.
  4. So my truck as been in the shop for over a week now with no answer for what's wrong with it. This is after them having for 4 days and replacing torque converter. They said we drove and felt all gone. So I got in hoping all was good and before I was a block away I feel it all. So I turned around and said thought you drove it. I looked at paperwork and there was a 2 mile difference. So like I started with its been over a week and nothing from them. Sad thing is I just got out of shop 5 hours before giving to them. I had a couple things done but took to them first and they told me and got in writing they would not say it was because of the upgrades I got. So now I'm here after paying 2k to get things done and am not able to drive. And did I mention I have only maybe 1000 miles on it. Here is how it looked when I picked up from detailer.
  5. Here is mine. Bad thing is I picked up the truck after getting done over a week ago and it has been at the dealership because of the shaking and problems I am having. Hopefully will find out something soon. The tech was like 'man I don't know what it could be.
  6. So this is my first post. I was having the same issue. When I was sitting still my truck just vibrated like it was about to run out of gas or something. Was also having it almost surge while I was driving. Like it was just trying to go but getting small burst of power. I have a 2015 silverado 1500. Took it in and they told me they have to replace to torque convertor. So let's see what happens. Said for me to just continue to drive and it would be in a week.
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