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  1. The sound was continually during operation. It could be heard while driving. Apparently this is a common problem in 14 and 15's only.
  2. Hey all, I wanted to share my findings related to P06DD Engine code. First off are my truck stats: 2015 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3L w/ ~130000km. This truck has been pretty worry free other that the cracked radiator covered under a SSB. I noticed my truck making a weird whining noise after an oil change. It sounded like a mix between a supercharger and a bad power steering pump. Other than that no tell tail signs untill P06DD code flashed. I researched a ton and found that it was most likely the oil sending unit or an oil pump issue
  3. I have Rigid D2 Hyperspots. Holy shit do they throw light. A definite improvement to the stock lights. I run the hyper spots and a light bar. The Hyper-spots Shoot a far narrow beam and the light bar floods the ditches. With that being said I would still run just hyper-spots.
  4. I got a crazy good deal on a new MBRP S5080AL cat back system, $325 CAD. Sounds great! not super load but a very nice rumble. I don't see the point of spending 1000+ dollars on a cat back when all its going to do is sound better. There is no flapper on this system and when it goes into V4 it kinda sounds like a Jake Brake. Doesnt really bother me. The only annoying thing is if I come to a long downhill and it goes into hill decent. It gets a bit annoying. Yes, the flapper just helps eliminate the drone. Its just a spring actuated flapper with no feedback to the engin
  5. No, They made me go back to where I purchased the boards from and would not directly work with me. Luckily the guy i deal with is super easy going and great to work with. I'm not sure what they will do if you bought directly from them tho. We shall find out! Something I'm curious about is that the first 2 sets of boards did not have the riveted side plate on them. The set i just got does have that. I'm hoping that this could be an indication of a new batch of boards that doesn't have the adhesion issue. Time will tell.
  6. They told me over the phone they fixed the adhesion issue. I'm hoping that replaced my defective boards with another set of defective boards! Here is to hoping "Third Times a Charm".
  7. One year warranty. I have thought of that but thats just ridiculous. The closest Linex place is 14 hours away and I paid money for these! I think they should hold up for longer than a few months!
  8. Installed in September, changed in April. I thought it could have been the salt aswell. However I've had a repeat problem since April. I would think that the salt/ice magnified the problem as in once it started to lift and all that salt/water got in and freeze/thaw cycle probably escalated the problem.
  9. First off I want to say that I love the look of my GoRhino RB10's! The sad part. I will be installing my 3rd set of RB10's in less then a year. I have had 2 sets that the coating has started to peel off of. I called GoRhino and they wont deal directly with you so I have to go through the shop I bought them from. Luckily the shop is amazing and has fixed me up with no issue. It always starts to peel at the slots. It wont flake off but it completely lifts from the surface in a large area. GoRhino told me they were experiencing "Adhesion Issues" and it had been fixed. U
  10. There is a significant difference in starting for me. When i keep in plugged in it starts as if it was +20C outside. If I don't you can defiantly hear the difference. It will start but it is struggling a bit. The truck also warms up notably faster. I believe the block heater has a thermostat and wont turn on till -18C This looks perfect! I'm going to look for one today! Do you have Pics of the installation?
  11. I am rather hand at fabing stuff up so that wouldn't be a problem. I just cant find like a surface mount plug with a door/cover/etc. Would love to see what they did there!
  12. I live in Northern Ontario where winter temps are around -20 to -30C for the majority of the winter months. A block heater is a necessity. What I cant figure out is why GM or other manufactures use a built in plug. I absolutely hate leaving the plug in dangling by the headlight So every morning I pop the hood and toss the plug back in the engine bay. Has anyone done a mod to add a built in plug (does this exist?!)
  13. I have put on 6000km with the bar mounted this way. It has held up fine to bumpy roads and various obstacles. The light bar is a 30" TopNotch Bar: https://www.partsengine.ca/p-59427-topnotch-combo-beam-curved-led-light-bars-20-30-40-50.aspx I wish that I was in my Dad's shop when I fabricated the mount. I used a hack saw and a hand drill. If I would have had a cut off wheel, drill press, air tools it would have been a much nice product. I would have trimmed some of the excess fat. Possibly drill out some of the bulk of the material. Overall I was happy with the dimensions and
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