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  1. My thought was that the cloth in these new trucks seems way more durable and comfortable than the cloth seats of the past. That with the low quality of the "leather" in these trucks these days (excluding high country), made me prefer cloth this time around. It seems a colossal waste of money to get leather these days because the cloth is better.
  2. All in with $1k in accessories at cost with TTL I paid 34,700. It is a crew cab short box 5.3l LT with 3.42 gears with LT convenience package and sport package. MSRP was $48,500 with accessories. I traded a 2008 Jetta and they gave me $6250 for it to get the deal done although it was really worth $4500. TTL was about $3k. So before the actual trade value and TTL it was ~$36k
  3. The confusing thing to me is that you mentioned paying 52-55k on the truck but want incentives. Well, you aren't really willing to pay 52-55k then.
  4. I got better than 20% in September on my chevy. This just makes it easier for some to get a deal like that.
  5. I think it's because the gaps disappear on the darker colors. Although, I must say that I just came walking down my driveway looking at the front of my black LT and I think I still prefer the 2015's.
  6. 12.7 city and 18 Highway is woefully low compared to what I am getting. I get about 18 in mixed driving 60% stop and go and 40% highway. I have 3.42 gears 5.3L CC.
  7. Did they change the naming conventions? I thought 1LZ was LTZ, 2LZ was LTZ Z71 and 3LZ was High Country. what is 4LZ?
  8. I would bet it would stay the same or improve ~1MPG when comparing a 2015 5.3 A6 with 3.42 gears to 2016 5.3 A8 with 3.42 gears.
  9. The 4.2 is going away in 2016. They will either come with 7" or 8" going forward. I think that is what I read.
  10. Is this issue more prevalent in the metallic paints? I have only had my truck for 6 weeks but my black truck doesn't have any of the chips, (that I have noticed).
  11. Nice! It must be debadged huh? (if it says LT on the back but doesn't have Z71 shocks, then it is a 1LT, Z71 is 2LT) I am sure you could decipher the VIN to get to that information.
  12. Are you planning on taking your HC for "heavy off roading"? I am sure most Denali owners understand that they don't have a truck designed to do any heavy off roading, As a matter of fact, the HC isn't designed for that either.
  13. What about a 2014/15 Silverado or Sierra. That is what we are talking about. Maybe something changed.
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