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  1. Update, dealer now telling me it's a hairline crack in the block. Going to need to replace the engine. Dealer customer relations manager is recommending buyback to GM. Engineers coming out to inspect this week. I'll post as info is available.
  2. Hello All- Newbie here, So bought my beautiful new Silverado loaded, Crew Cab, 4x4 after a lengthy process finding the right combo and making the right deal. The truck is primarily used to pull my 6k lb toy hauler. At about 3000 miles I noticed from one weekend to the next a drip or two of oil on the driveway. Since I recently had a leaker with my 2005 Silverado it didn't really concern me...about three weeks later and a 1000 mile round trip I noticed a slightly larger puddle. My initial thought was someone was messing with me...looked under the truck and three drips, 1 around the lower oil pan, 1 on the tranny housing and 1 on the cooler line. Couldn't believe it...took it in, 4 days of diagnosis led to them replacing the lower oil pan seal hoping it would fix the issue. A few weeks goes by and a trip up to the Eastern Sierras later I pulled the truck out of the driveway and again, leaking. Same drips, same spots. I had opened a case with GM, it remains open today. The truck is back at the dealer and now diagnosed with a cracked rear seal housing. Going on 1 week still not repaired...dealer is saying a few more days...I'm just ecstatic my $60k is now completely dismantled....left a message for my case worker Tuesday, no response....not sure how far I should push this. Thinking buyback....just want everyone to be aware, I took a hit on a 2013 Malibu they couldn't fix, not swallowing this one! Thoughts, experiences welcome...
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