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  1. Hey, how are you sir? Do you still have these mirrors? Would I need a harness or anything for my 1500 with heated power and power fold standard mirrors? Thanks on advance.
  2. Hey bro, do you still have your Z71 4x4 fender badges? If so, can I buy them from you?
  3. Hey guys, just an update. Drove her from North Carolina to Florida and the ride was good. Gas was bad as expected haha averaged about 12mpg but I did like riding as high as the semis. I definitely reccommend this kit to anyone considering 35s or bigger. You can always start with 35s on 8 inches or 7 with some rake and have the option to go taller and with a body lift can run up to 38s without major cutting.
  4. It's been raining everyday here and I'm working nights right now so I'll try posting a few pics as soon as I get some free time and decent weather. The ride is really close to stock. Only thing I notice is a slight steering wheel shimmy from the 37s but nothing bad. Isn't the silver kit gonna be more flash cause the frame and bottom of the truck is black? Silver is gonna "POP" more haha. Just get the economy flat black kit to save money and look the same as the frame and bottom of the truck. The top of the tailgate is 45" from the ground open.
  5. McGaughys told me at 9 inches it will only clear a 0- -22 offset with a 9 to 10 inch wide wheel and stock wheels require spacers on 37s. Stock wheels are 9 inch wide with I believe +27 offset.
  6. Yea, a little rubbing at full lock in reverse on the felt wheel well liner and little on the inside of the wheel well arch
  7. 9" McGaughys and a 1.5 Zone body lift with 22x12s and 37x13.50s
  8. Im pretty sure you have to get spacers for the stock wheels cause of the offset and backspacing on them brother.
  9. You will have to cut the front bumper a bit on a gmc depending on wheel width and also the wheel well arches. But it will clear 37s with 9 inch wide wheels and possibly 10 wides with minor cutting
  10. Same, I am a crew chief on F15s and we have to be anal and ocd in order to make sure the jets are ready to go and to be honest the front track width difference with this kit is not worth it for me to put the extra strain on the hub with a spacer. I ran alot of spacers on my cars while I was in Japan and they got on my nerves of how many times I had to retorque them from coming loose granted most spacers here are hub centric which is a plus but Japan put a bad taste in my mouth for spacers haha how do you like that kit so far?
  11. I would post an exhaust clip, but my cell phone doesn't do justice. It's deeper and louder than any other aftermarket exhaust system but not as loud as just straight pipes and I deleted the afm 4 cyl mode so I have no drone. I just covered the front end and went to town with gloss black spray paint and clear coat. It is starting to chip from bugs and debris so I'll prob buy a brothers design front billet emblem withg loss black letters
  12. Thanks sir! Much appreciated. I just wanted the truck to stand out above the norm of 35s and 20s like everyone around here but not too flashy or too high. Your truck looks good too
  13. Thanks man. Much appreciated. I don't have any mufflers on the truck. I cut off my third cat, muffler, and resonator and got a shop to weld true dual straight pipes in with an x pipe to 5 inch tips. Sounds pretty good with zero straight pipe pop and crackle.
  14. No problem man. Wow 1.5 and no spacers? Which kit did you have again? I highly recommend getting the trade though. Your truck will have the clearance for 37s when your ready to make the jump but can still accommodate 35s and so far seems like a really solid lift kit. Plus YOUR truck will look badass with the mcgaughys kit and 37s! Haha
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