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  1. They just sent me the new car satisfaction survey... in the additional comments section I described this issue and that the dealer would have no knowledge of the problem. The test drive is about 4 miles long and maxes out at 50 mph. I'm waiting to see if they respond to my comment that places the cause directly at the factory tire install line. My rear tires were balanced at a nearby performance tire/wheel shop. Smoothed out very nicely. I'll scream as far as I can to GM but I'm sure they will not respond. In 1996 they denied warranty coverage just 465 miles out of 36,000. Now that I think of that...I should ve bought the Dogde! ;)
  2. So... You know just what I meant. The things we did to survive then...actually not much change today 'Cept bigger numbers.
  3. Discovering that my mild shake is likely wheel balance. Probably rears. At 68-70mph, it is as smooth as glass At 62 +\-... It reminds me of the old days when I bought gas for 28 cents a gallon and lived on $68 a week. " hey kid, you want those tires balanced?" " nah, I can only get this VW bus up to 53 anyway"
  4. Funny you guys mention this... I have just turned 1000 miles on this new truck and I thought it felt odd at 65mph. Frankly, this was not my vehicle of choice. But need sometimes outweighs wants. A week earlier I had bought a Dodge Laramie Longhorn with those tool boxes I love... The swapping dealer screwed up and it went elsewhere. Found another and once again the original buyer was on and off and on so the swap failed. Went to Dodge only by chance. The car rental I had during the accident investigation turned out to be a Ram 1500 crew cab.....it was enough to bring me to try and buy one. I'm bringing the Chevy back in shortly and will need to check the wheel balance.
  5. Preston Tucker had the ideas.... Sorry it took so long for the " big 3 " to market them as standard items. HID lighting should have been there years ago. And the front end IS TOO LOW....I see a tie rod getting bent on a tree stump at our place. I love my High Country but $55k is a bit much for these features. Are the rear fender tool boxes in this line up yet? Fords tailgate has a step and hand rail built in. Great for my aging knees
  6. Does anyone think that the jetliners they fly in are flown solely with pilots...the computers do most of it..and, when the pilot is needed, the pilot takes over. Just like the vehicle. Even here in New Jersey where there is more pavement and people than most places on earth, there are times when the cruise is a pleasure to have and use and then I might have to take over again. I believe the option gives me an option.
  7. Picked up my new crew cab High Country Thursday. I live and drive in the Graden State..(ha ha ha) it should be the asphalt state. But my experience is that Adaptive Cruise is TERRIFIC. my truck has a load of options and I would love to have it in this vehicle does any one know if you can ADD the Adaptive Cruise Control module to vehicles already equipped with the collision and cruise control options? By the way, if you have half a head, you know when to set the cruise control
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