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  1. 2.5 on each side.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Front setup baja prerunner kit, rear king leaf springs and king 2.5. Running ko2 35’s on method wheel 17’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I Like 18”s but thought 17”s would look better.
  4. Here’s my 2015 GMC Sierra, small lift on 17’s with 35’s ko2
  5. My box is ported tuned to 32hz, I got songs that play down to 17hz. I notice high 30's and 40's play well. Wish it could play lower.
  6. I notice on my setup 2 Sundown e-8's it doesn't play low frequency. Anyone else notices that issue? using The audiocontrol LC-2
  7. I thought we had a good amount of folks running McGaughys.
  8. Did you guys go with the SS packeaged? or just the regular McGaughys Part# 50769 ? One thing that i cannot find any information is what type of shock strut does it come with?
  9. Cool thanks, any picture. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hey Everyone, I have a 2015 Sierra which is currently stock. Been looking into lifts for about 6 months now. Been saving money for the lift and also ready about the different lifts. A few months ago I was set on BDS 6.5" lift now I'm looking at Mcgaughy's. I've read some positive reviews and some negative reviews. Looking for input from those who own Mcgaughy lift or know someone how owns one. Reason why I'm looking at Mcgaughys is price and also I want to run a 20x12. I read with the 6.5 lift you need to cut up the truck.. During my search I found Superlift, anyone running them? http://www.superlift.com/8-2014-2015-gm-1500-with-factory-aluminum-knuckles-lift-kit-with-superlift-edition-king-coilovers-and-reservoir-rear-shocks?gclid=CjwKEAjw97K_BRCwmNTK26iM-hMSJABrkNtbewhCXlv_bKDhi7LaXskLzKso_9Vg9N978by3qETJahoCxcTw_wcB
  11. I think at this point I'm sold on the BDS lift. Now to start the search for tires at this point i'm force to keep the stock rim. About 6 years ago I had my Avalanche on 33 Toyo M/T. They road great thinking about going back to them but they might be out of my budget. I'm seeing some new tire brands Atturo Mud Terrain, HERCULES M/T, FEDERAL M/T any inside information? I see they are about $600 cheaper than toyo m/t's.
  12. I need to call the shop and find out what fox shock they are talking about. Looking at different places the coil overs are about 1500 just for them. Still looking for advice?
  13. Hey guys i am new to this site. Bought a 2015 1500 Sierra back in Oct. I'm starting to put money aside and starting the research on lifts. Right now the two option are BDS or Procomp. BDS - 2151.89 which include the fox 2.0. Another shop has Procomp 6" lift kit with front mx2.75 coilovers and MX-6 shocks - 2695.99 They also have Procomp 6" lift kit with rear Pro Runner shocks. - 1756.99 It seems like the BDS for the money is the best option. For you have bought BDS is it worth the upgrade to the fox shocks? Is it worth buying the Mx2.75 and MX-6 shocks? Looking for any type of feed back.
  14. What are you guys using to clean your black leather seats and door panels?
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