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  1. I don’t know for sure about that offset. But I’m thinking it would fit. I believe the offset on the stock 3500 wheels that I had or zero offset. But I’m not sure about that. It’s worth a try. I’m guessing that worst-case and Ariel, you have to trim the felt or something minor like that. Another benefit of not lifting, is that you maintain stock geometry.
  2. Interesting to see guys running extensive lift to fit those same shoes. Either 1500’s ride much lower or they are just lifting for looks. Maybe also for extreme off road articulation but I think that level of travel is not nearly as common as 6” lift kits. Maybe the ‘14-‘19 rigs are just running much higher than they used to for 2500 and 3500
  3. Solid intel. I figured 35x12.5 would fit. Good to know for sure though. And also good to know that 2500 and 3500 ride the same height. I traded this in for a ‘19 Ram 3500 Cummins HO and I took the tires with me. The Ram rides even higher. There is tons of room for these shoes now.
  4. Ok. If I stick to the stock alternator, what’s a safe draw from an inverter? 1000w?
  5. I think you are right. I will go with a generator. But I have ran 3000w RMS through a vehicle with dual amps, dual batteries, and the big 3 upgrade. I have the big 3 in my current truck using 0 gwg. OFC but it still seems questionable.
  6. The inverter from the log splitter needs 100 amps at least from the alternator. It's 2400 w constant with peak draws near 3400 w.
  7. Only when stationary. It would replace a jobsite generator to run an inverter which could run a 22 ton electric log splitter on occasion, supplement a solar battery bank, power multiple tools on a job site, etc. I would like to run this as the aux battery: https://www.batterymart.com/p-odyssey-pc2150t-battery.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwtMvlBRDmARIsAEoQ8zS2GLx1gIvpepBJ4gjstuM3DMJNI0HpHOcp1M7sLUpkZCcifijFLTwaAu55EALw_wcB
  8. Good info. I don't think 220 amp will cover it. Adding another battery would be easy in to hook up but would likely overtax the alternator. If I use an aftermarket aux battery and aux alternator, I wonder what exactly that could void in warranty. Certainly charging system components I would guess. It says the K4B isnt available on the LC8 6.0. What about my L96 6.0?
  9. I'm interested in adding a second alternator and a second battery to my '17 L96 6.0 3500. Theres a second spot for the battery. I want a 225-250 amp alternator minimum. And I would love to not void warranty if possible. Any body have a specific alternator to look at. I know there are different size pulleys. I want to hook up a 2500 W inverter and it draws way mor amp than my HD 150 amp unit can deliver. I would use a deep cycle battery as my second battery. I already did the big 3 upgrade using 0 gwg tinned OFC so that wiil help. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks y'all and happy wheelin.
  10. My bad. You're probably right, I was using the terms interchangeably but the 2 are different. I just meant he would need some extra room on a 1500. But maybe it's a 3500? 295/70/18 fit on my '17 bone stock. no lift. No level. No rub. It surprised me. I assumed the ride height would be the same across the lineup..
  11. A 3500 should clear those stock. A 1500 will need a level.
  12. I posted these already but this is my '17 3500 bone stock. 295/70/18 MT Baja MTZ P3 with no level, no spacers, no rub, no trimming, on stock aluminum wheels. I had already removed the lower valence but I don't think it would've rubbed. Mickey T calls these 34.5 x 12.
  13. My pleasure. I miss those quiet tires. Enjoy those 35x12. Gotta love a truck that will take those bone stock.
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