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  1. True, but judging by the resale on the Tundras I think they are a cut above the rest.
  2. 2015 GMC Sierra with 127,000 miles. Transmission had to be replaced at 125,000 miles. I decided on a factory reman tranny from GM. $3150 OTD at my local dealer in Arizona. Just want to spread the word as my Sierra has more miles than most. I drive roughly 40,000 miles a year for my job. Also had a leaking rear differential seal at about 110,000 miles. Honestly, I’m thinking Tundra for my next truck. It would seem GM doesn’t build their half ton trucks like they used to. Or maybe I’m just really unlucky and got a bad truck?
  3. 2015 Sierra 5.3 with 108,000 miles, been rock solid reliable!
  4. No I swapped my 2015 Sierra headlamps for 2016 Sierra HD headlamps (whole unit) that includes OEM hid projectors.
  5. Used for just 5 months, works great. $120 Shipped.
  6. The harness plugs directly in between the OEM headlight harness cable and the OEM headlight plug on the outside of the headlights. No external ballasts as they are all self contained inside the headlamp. The harness also includes a wire for the positive terminal of the battery to give the headlights a consistent power source. Really easy to install and looks relatively clean.
  7. Just wanted to give a quick update... The (free) harness that Gen5Diy sent me was finally installed today (I've been out of town or would have done it sooner), FIXED MY FLICKERING PROGRAM. Headlights work great now!! Jarod and Gen5 was very helpful and provided great CS.
  8. Here are some images I snapped last week. My phone camera is a little deceiving (I think the beam pattern is even better than the pictures), but did the best I could. The beam pattern is definitely a huge upgrade over my stock 2015 headlights with the Morimoto Sierra Spec kit.
  9. Gen5diy.com is making me a harness... It's basically a relay to consistently power my new headlights, big props to Jarod over there, he has been a huge help!
  10. Where can I get a capacitor that hooks into the stock wiring connector?
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