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  1. I just changed my uca to the ones rough country has although now they say for 3in lift only on the website now and got an alignment and retorqued all the bolts on both crossmembers with a torque wrench not just hit it with an impact and havent had any problems since then and thats been about 6 months and this is on a 15 Denali on a 6in rc with 35s on stock wheels
  2. Went back under checked every bolt with a pry bar and wrench found my driver side upper control arm bolts just loose enough to move with a pry bar and some force. Aligned it and tightened them down now I can take all the curves I want and stabilitrak hasn't kicked on once since
  3. Sorry to bring up an old issue but was anything ever found on this my truck is a 2015 Denali 1500 5.3 with a 6 in rc lift with the stock magnaride shocks on 35s I doubt its my lift but since I've had it lifted for 4 months and have put about 14k miles on the lift and it just started doing this last week as well as when I brake it wants to go left now looked at everything below and everything looks normal Figured it out ignore my post
  4. For anyone wondering what I was I did not need spacers for a 6in rough country lift on stock wheels the only rubbing I get is the front air dam and the back stock mud guards which I removed now but here is a link of a pic of what my truck looks like now lifted on 35x12.5x20 on stock wheels the front does stick out more so the only reason for spacers would be to even the front and back https://www.instagram.com/p/BUXoYuThazS/
  5. Thanks for the replies guys Lgetz would you happen to know what size spacer I would need
  6. The wheels I'm using are my factory 20x9 Denali wheels and the tires I'm putting on them are 35x12.5r20 the spacers in question are just to prevent rubbing at full lock I guess I should have mentioned that
  7. I'm getting ready to lift my truck it is a denali I love the wheels that are on them and don't want to get new ones. So my question is any one that has used there stock wheels on a 6in lift did you guys have to use any spacers to fit a 35x12.5r20 tire on there if so what size did you use I'm using a rough country 6in suspension lift 35x12.5r20 fallen wildpeak at3 tires Factory non chrome Denali wheels
  8. some from todays snow fall in almost northern Michigan
  9. Lol I have a comma in there there's at least one punctuation mark
  10. Thank you guys for the welcome lol someone has to do the job it is a nice place I'm in oscoda. Ill try not too just going to have to wake up a little earlier
  11. thank you ryan nice truck and camaro
  12. whats up guys i have had my truck for about a month now loving it so far its a 2015 sierra sle miss my leather but gms a little higher in price then other trucks but i wanted to move on to gmc since i came from the dodge family had a 2007 charger, a brand new 2012 ram that got totaled 3 weeks after i bought it and a 2010 ram r/t that i traded for a nissan after i went through 3 transmissions lol and traded my 2009 jeep after it had some electrical problems and got tired of it for this new beauty also im from texas but moved to norther michigan for work when i bought my new truck so new truck and home still a little nervous for winter since texas is hot year round lol and never driven on snow and the new truck
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