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  1. Forgive my ignorance up front.... I went and talked to tire shop today and ordered up some 275/55/20 BF KO 2's. The owner of the shop whom I dealing with is a decent guy mentioned a couple of things... 1. do not run a pressure higher than 49 psi as it will trip the TPS, What kind of pressures are you guys running in yours. 2. He asked if I'd be doing any heavy towing and said my 4 wheeler or a box full of firewood would be about the heaviest load I'd be carrying/pulling, my question, Is there a big payload penalty to using these tires? What kind of payload/tow maximum is realistic with these tires? He suggested maybe some coopers as they were a $150 cheaper, but I'd be waiting 3-6 weeks for them to come in. Went ahead and ordered the KO 2's and I'll have them on Monday and I can flog the SR-A's on line with only 2500 km's on them, maybe get a couple of bucks for them.
  2. Did you run them in the winter last year? how did you like them if you did. I'm pretty much sold on getting them, just like to hear 'success' stories and haven't really read too much negative stuff about them.
  3. Hi Dropsix - I'm in ON myself the 905 area. any issues with your KO2's rubbing? I have the stock 20" rims and I'm thinking of grabbing the KO 2's. Don't have much trust in the wrangler SR-A's for the winter. cheers.

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