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  1. Hey, sorry to bring this back...But did this solve any rubbing on the UCA or sway bar? I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 LTZ I have a RC 2.5" leveling kit and zone 1.5" body lift coming this weekend. Next week I hope to get 305/55R20s mounted on my stock rims and know they'll rub on the sway bar and UCA and that i'll need to get spacers. I was considering 1.5" but don't want to kill my paint...even though I have the bottoms of my doors 3M clear wrapped all the way down around the rockers. I'd rather get the .5" spacers as long as they will work. also emeryz28, I'd be hesitant to run anything other than a hubcentric spacer or adapter. I've personally seen flat spacers cause tires to wear uneven because there is no way to truly center them on the hub/rim, this is especially true for wheel adapters where a second set of studs is involved (This is where the horror stories of breaking studs come from).
  2. Hey everyone, New here. I have a 2015 Silverado 5.3 LZ1 and I'm starting to price out my build. I've been planning a procharger, kooks long tubes, custom tune, leveling kit, and auto locker build for March/April with rims/tires and possibly a cam and valve springs to follow over the summer. I've been looking into aftermarket 20's to put 33s on, but after seeing a tahoe today with the same stock 20s that i have (below) with some aggressive looking ATs I'm looking to keep the stock wheels. But i want to run a 12.5" x 33" tire, and know that i'll need a 9.5" wide rim. Which leads to the question... Has anyone widened their 2014/15 K2 rims, and will they fit without wheel spacers? Also, I don't need to run 33s, but i'd like to. I could go with a slightly smaller tire, but I definitely want to go 12.5" wide. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rob
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