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  1. Thanks for the post on the AC charge. I need to tackle this soon.
  2. I have been following your build site. Our trucks are very similar and have probably traveled a lot of the same roads. I am going to post pictures as soon as I figure out how to get the file size down.
  3. My dad bought this truck brand new in 1998. He gave it to me in the summer of 2015 when he went to trade it in and they would only give him 300 bucks for it. It spent it's whole life in Central and Northern Maine so it has seen it's share of road salt. My first goal has been to get it to pass inspection so I can get it back on the road. This will be a slow build as time and money are tight.
  4. My 1998 GMC 1500 5.7 occasionally will not start when stopping somewhere after driving a while. Once I let it sit for about a half hour it will start right up. Any ideas?
  5. Cape Neddick. Born in the north and have slowly migrated to the NH border over the years.
  6. My 98 spent it's whole life in Bangor until the last 6 months. It now sits in my driveway in southern Maine until I can get it inspected. I keep checking your build page for updates.
  7. Started following your thread today. Looking good!
  8. New to the forum from Maine. My dad gave me his 1998 GMC Sierra he has owned since new. It has 200,000 miles and won't pass inspection due to rust and mechanical issues so I am trying to get it back on the road.
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