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  1. Interested in a quote on shipping to 46311 zip.
  2. How has this set up been for you so far? I'm planning on doing the same thing soon.
  3. The thought process on both sides is flawed. Yes it seems like a basic electrical diagnosis, if you can catch it while its happening. I'm an electrician and trouble shooting electrical equipment can be difficult, especially if it's an intermittent problem. I don't think there is such a thing as a good or bad service department. Barring a few extreme cases, the techs are just doing as best as they can and solving these problems isn't as easy as most people think. On the other hand having the attitude that customers are too demanding and shouldn't expect you to have a magic wand is arrogant. We are bringing you our vehicles because you are supposed to be equipped to handle this. Chevrolet says right on their website " the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment available". He didn't take it to a Midas he took it in to be serviced by "GM Certified technician". I've actually had to look up a problem with my truck on this forum and then relay that information to the service tech to get it fixed.That shouldn't happen. So lets not act like you guys in the service department are batting a 1.000. Thank God for this forum. My truck stickered for 47k. Yeah I expect you to fix it if I bring it in. A little more understanding on both sides would go a long way.
  4. Just threw it away this morning . Didn't think anyone would want it.
  5. Here are the PN and the website, For anyone looking to change theirs out. SKID PLATE Part Number: 23459714 FILLER PANEL Part Number: 22944860 You need both pieces. http://www.gmpartsdi...ents-front-scat
  6. SKID PLATE Part Number: 23459714 FILLER PANEL Part Number: 22944860 You need both pieces. http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/auto-parts/2015/chevrolet/silverado-1500/lt-trim/5-3l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/bumper-and-components-front-scat
  7. It was about 180 for both pieces. Shipping cost will vary depending on where you live and that will raise or lower the price accordingly. Here's what I did........ WARNING!!!!!!!!!I was told that I "hacked" it up. Here's why, I was able to get all the bolts and clips EXCEPT FOR the two on the outer edges of the original plastic piece. I took a picture of the position of where these bolts go on the new piece. These two bolts on the very top would not come out unless you took the bumper off. I didn't want to go through that so I just ripped off the plastic, since I wasn't putting it back on. At that point I was able to unscrew the clips from the bolts and remove them it so that I could install the new panel. I've been told that you can loosen the bumper and get to those bolts. I didn't even try it. After reinstalling all other bolts and clips the panel is solidly held in place. Yes I guess this is "hacking it up". So say the car gods He who has never had an extra bolt left over after working on a car can throw the first stone. Hi my name is Jose and I'm a hacker. I'm not only a member I'm also the president. Its painted silver. You can order it in chrome though.
  8. Changed out the front bumper insert yesterday. From all black, to the two piece Z71 front insert.
  9. Yeah that's the same thing. Cool story bro.
  10. We're not talking about head gaskets here. Two 7mm bolts out of probably 20 that hold it on.
  11. I"ll get you those part numbers next time I'm over at his house. Left the parts there today.
  12. My dad recently did his and he said he just removed all the bolts except those two and them just ripped the plastic off. As bad as that sounds he reattached it with all the old hardware except those two pain in the ass bolts and hasn't had any problems since. That might actually not be a bad idea.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I was trying to do it without taking the bumper off. I know it can be done.
  14. I'm changing out my all black inset for the Z71 style silver insert and I'm having trouble with the two last bolts. They are located on top and directly to the left and right of the tow hooks. I have no idea how I;m supposed to get these out. I've even removed the front grill and bumper cover trying to get a better angle at it but no luck. These next two are pictures to illustrate bolt placement. If anyone has done this before I would love some tips on how to remove these bolts.
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