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  1. Well here's an update, I took the truck in and basically what they was install the speaker in the dash and that is being powered by the bose amp, but the volume is low for bluetooth audio and the chimes. He told me its all because of the magnet size and the bose magnet were pretty small to begin with and didn't require much power and the speaker they used has a bigger magnet and that's all they can find so we figured out that if we had another speaker that we threw under the passenger side of the dash the audio quality would be better when it came to the chimes and bluetooth/onstar audio would be better. And that left us the those whole lack of power to power the 2 speakers since the Bose amp is short of that, so I threw out the idea if we get another amp to power the bose amp to power the speaker if that would work and he said that it will and shouldn't be an issue as long as the amp is a 200watt amp. So we'll see how it'll work out, i'm not paying for this the place stereo place is paying for the equipment since they didn't warn me about anything so lets see.
  2. Ok so that would help with the chimes, Bluetooth audio, hands free audio, and onstar issues? I mean the place told they can restore all the sounds but it'd be extremely loud due to the amp.
  3. Now the only thing factory that still is in the truck is the Headunit, the tweeters and all the speakers have been swapped out for Alpine Type S speakers. Would this have any effect on the LC8i?
  4. Yeah I kept the same headunit, I love oem look and all the little extras on it, that's why I was reading about the lc8i and it said it works with the factory units after installing aftermarket amps
  5. That's my concern with that, if they install a new speaker if it'll throw the quality of sound off not to mention if the voice, onstar, and chimes will sound loud or really low. Either way I called up crutchfield for a bit of help and they told me if I was warned by the installers that all of this would happen, and I told them they didn't tell me anything, so tomorrow I'm going back to see what they'll do. I also remember reading somewhere someone used a lc8i audiocontrol to so sort out the chimes issue
  6. Also I checked and the chime volume is on and nothing.
  7. What they told me is the fact that they added an amplifier and a sub that the tones would come out extremely loud, and that because the Bluetooth sounds and onstar and wired directly in with the Bose system
  8. I took it to a shop, I had a amp and sub put in to. Also all the Buttons work, it's the factory sounds that aren't working, they told me because the amp would amplify the sound, also that's it the factory headunit and not an aftermarket that it wouldn't control the sounds properly, meaning they'd be loud.
  9. I just installed a new amp, speakers, EQ, and sub but I kept the factory headunit since the mylink was nice along with the 4g. Everything sounds great but I don't have the factory chimes, the voice in the hands free controls, Bluetooth works but no volume, nor do I have onstar. Now is there anyway to fix this or am I stuck without the voice features? The place I took it to wants to install a speaker in the drivers side just for the chimes, onstar, Bluetooth voice and anything else.
  10. I was thinking of buying this and having my buddy make the box so it'll sound right since it's a shallow mount. What are the speaker sizes for the fronts, rears, and on the dash?
  11. What are the speaker sizes? I've read saying that theyre 6x9 or 6x5 I saw a kicker shallow mount, It's the same thing minus all the extras from GM
  12. Thats a little out of my price range lol
  13. I plan on upgrading the "Bose" system for a more high quality sound, already have in mind what I plan on putting in. -Alpine S type(speakers and tweeters) I had these in my 2012 silverado and they were extremely good. -Fosgate prime 5 Channel Amp -external EQ since I like the factory head unit I'm having a problem finding a good subwoofer since the rear space for a sub is limited, any advice or slections on subwoofers?
  14. Just curious wouldn't this void the warranty? I've been reading so many threads and talked to a few Techs at my dealer and never really gotten a straight answer.
  15. 2015 Silverado LTZ/Z71 6.2 White diamond custom sport MSRP $56,900 Paid $47,000 Nearly $10,000 off the asking price so I was pretty damn happy with deal I got.
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