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  1. yes they do fit i have the newer tail lights on my 00' GMC 2500
  2. The HD package comes like that it has a bit of a body lift and a stock leveling kit and also a bit taller hood when you look at it from the front. My dads 2001 is the same way. It just has to do with the HD package
  3. The other day I was driving at night and went to turn on the cargo light to look in the bed and the cargo light would not kick on and the indicator in the message center did not even come on. Well I thought that I had just maybe blown a bulb or a fuse and thought oh well, but then when I get home and go to open the door the courtesy lights did not kick on and now the dome light, feet lights and cargo lights wont work. I have checked all of the fuses and nothing is blown. Does anybody else have or had this problem, and if so how can it be fixed.
  4. I have not done it yet but I am thinking hard on it. Sent from my SCH-S968C using Tapatalk
  5. What is you guys opinion on this. I know its quite controversial.
  6. Looking to get a tuner for my 2000 gmc 6.0 but not break the bank. Any body got one or know a good place to get one? Also which ones are the best for the money? Sent from my SCH-S968C using Tapatalk
  7. I know that its always been kind of a rule of thumb that you don't want to go from having a big exhaust down to a smaller exhaust because it reduces air flow. the 5.3 chevy has a smaller exhaust because of the size of the engine and how much exhaust it puts out. the 6.0 has a larger exhaust because it is a larger engine. by having a non-restrictive exhaust it gets the heat away from the engine quicker in turn making it run well. Hope this helps.
  8. if it works i would really like to know because i found a set of '15 tow mirrors for $100
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