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  1. I have the Reklez UCAs and will be in need of some replacement ball joints soon. I was wondering are the Moog K6292 joints are the correct replacements? These are bolt on similar to the cognito arms. Thanks
  2. I have the Reklez UCAs with a 2.5” level. Rides great!
  3. I have a black one with 110v/12v ashtray pulled from an 18 with 8k miles
  4. I had a Rosen factory head unit in mine, all pnp. It was great found a cable (oem) from an impala forum that I used to adapt a USB port from the radio to the dash in place of one of the 12v outlets (being a 14 yours may already have that feature).
  5. Not mentioned in your question, but I just installed the Reklez arms and a 2.5” motofab level. I’m running 285/55r22 nitto trail grapplers and 22” reps. Install was easy and no problems with alignment afterwards.
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