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  1. Have 2 Range devices that work perfectly and have new software. Mint condition and box included. Will work for all GM 5.3s. Only one in pic cause they are the same except one is red led and the other blue. $125 shipped each or $225 for the pair
  2. Have a brand new Range device for sale. Wife would rather have the AFM working in her yukon. My loss your gain. Still in box. Updated software since it’s new. Paid $200. Sell for $180 shipped. Email me as not on forum everyday. [email protected] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So dealer captured “low voltage” codes from the times it wouldn’t start. They checked the battery and it’s fine. They said nothing can be done unless they can replicate it. Any ideas ???
  4. Thanks for the replies. Did it again tonight. This time gave me a quick message and only saw trailer or tow. Check engine light on as well. Went to take off and it was like the ebrake was on. No power and was taching at like 3k and didn’t want to downshift. Like I was in tow haul. All of a sudden it comes out of it and drives normal. What the heck???
  5. 40ish. It’s attached 2 car and its insulated. Only thing i did did that might have something to do is washed it two days ago. It has sat in the garage since. I will check battery tomorrow with a multimeter. Its Just so odd.
  6. Turned the key on the truck today and nothing. Lights came on but no crank nothing. Third try it started but seemed to turn over a bit longer than usual. Truck is garage kept and is a 2015 with 28000 miles. Any experience this??
  7. Thanks. The top nut has got to be tight but will check again. There is a lot of thread showing already and it was tight. I will check it again and also sway bar. Is there. Torque for sway bar?
  8. Changed the clip setting on billstein 5100s up front on my 15 Sierra. Have a clunk noise now on certain bumps. Double checked all hardware and all is tight. Is there only one way the top of the tower bolts go up top? Maybe I need to rotate it? What about the botton arms they had an angle to them. Maybe I reinstalled something backwards??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. No offense taken citydriver... you are right and these RC leafs are what I need in concept but just too aggressive. They are too short and have a pretty big angle. I have decided to just yank them and put in a set of leafs from the local spring shop and then call it. They will give me that little extra carry capacity I need (400-500lbs) to avoid sag and not lift me a mile high. I have bought from them before and are great guys. I was just trying to avoid the higher price tag and try something new. I dont need need to cause myself issues with the truck and don’t need it lifted. If if anyone wants a deal on the RC helpers (100 miles on them) and a NIB RC front 2” level kit let me know.
  10. thanks... I do haul trailers alot and toss my sled in the back in the winter alot so I need something. I thought about swapping to a 3/4 leaf pack all together, but these RC leafs were cheap so I went for it.
  11. good idea Donstar, but I was trying to get some input here first where this forum usually has the skinny or the quicker answer. The RC leafs I added were an old stock item that fit older trucks, I found this out after the install. The newer version is much longer so the lift is less. Basically the shop that I purchased the leafs from didnt think this would happen and sold me the RC 2" level kit for the front at discount due to the inconvenience. Just trying to keep the extra carry capacity/less droop and dont mind the rear lift, but now need to catch the front up without paying out big money for arms etc. anymore advice is appreciated.
  12. I wonder if I should just remove the rear block?? do they sell smaller than the stock 1.25" (I think its that thick)? would this be a warranty voiding move??
  13. thank you!! How do I know or can I figure that I am going to be over 2.5" is basically what I am after. are you just going off true numbers? do you know what the max billstein setting lifts to? 2"?? So in the front or rear the lift is real math? Like a 2" lift block etc gives a true 2'?
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