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  1. Did you have to pull the headliner or were you able to tuck the wire in?
  2. $500. Brought them the wheels/tires - they took tires off, powder coated, remounted and balanced tires. I also bought new black center caps for about $40.
  3. Thanks! It was definitely the most cost effective solution!
  4. Factory wheels powder coated gloss black. Replaced the factory chrome running boards.
  5. I purchased the Anzo headlights on eBay and the grille from GMWarehouseDirect.com Factory headlights from my LT Grille is sold but headlights are still available.
  6. Yes. There is a shop that will take off, powder coat, and put back on for $525. I have not been able to find a set of wheels/tires/sensors for less.
  7. Thanks!! For now I'm going to have the stock wheels powder coated black as they are the same as what comes on the midnight edition for this model.
  8. Removed both bumpers today. Took maybe 4 hours total - included cleaning/degreasing them after we got everything off of the chrome. Definitely did not have to lift the bed or anything to get the rear off. Followed the steps in the above YouTube video. Did have to loosen the bolts for the hitch/receiver to drop it down a bit as it was in the way. Dropping them off tomorrow to be powder coated!
  9. Thanks! Removed both bumpers today - dropping them off tomorrow for powder coating.
  10. Replaced headlights and grille. Powder coating the bumpers next.
  11. Have you removed the front bumper yet? I've been looking for a "how to" video and cannot find anything for the front! Pulling mine for powder coating as well.
  12. Selling the Z71 grille and headlights from my 2015 Silverado. Excellent condition. On truck for less than a year. The grille is selling for more than $300 on eBay but I'd like to try and sell locally. I'm in Eastern CT. Headlights: $200 Grille: $200
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