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  1. Installed this tonight.. 50" single row roughcountry black series lightbar..
  2. Thanks Farmerman, they are f150 lights from f150leds.com.. they are super easy to install.. 90 bucks, they arent the round ones, they are like a rectangle light.. double sided tape, super strong.. and you can make them close together or spread them apart.. comes with 2 connectors to splice them in power and ground wire.. I just wanted something easy to install, so I went with these.. My grill is updated too, ill take pics in the daytime so it'll be better to look at..
  3. Thanks RoarinRow, I also have the led foglights. . from headlightrevolution.com.. highly recommend them..
  4. What tires and size are these?  Is it leveled or stock?

  5. Thanks, I really like it.. worth every penny.. it actually drives really good.. I did a lot of research, and you're right.. they want you to put a 4" lift to fit them.. but that isnt needed.. Im sure mine works because I am running the stock 20's.. aftermarket have a different offset and it might cause the rub on the front bumper.. and if it did, I would shave down the bumper.. I dont know if I can go anything less than 35's after this..
  6. I'm running 35x12.5x20 Maxxis Buckshot 2.. no lift, no level.. cranked torsion bars 7 turns.. went up 1".. awesome tires.. 5 stars... had some snow and it ate it up like nothing..
  7. My low tone gave out too.. 55k dollar new truck and no horn. Now I have to go be inconvenienced at the dealer for a horn.. way to go.. safety issue.. on top of a steering noise at idle, and leather wearing out prematurely.. all under 10k miles..
  8. Yes, any update on this noise????it's unacceptable.. might start looking at a Ford...
  9. Just ordered tires. ... coming in tomorrow.. same size and brand..can't wait!
  10. Looks great! Thanks for taking the time to post pics..
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