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  1. Awesome! Hopefully others with the same issue will find this post.
  2. Yeah its crazy. I have another vehicle with a 7-8 year old Walmart battery that is still going strong. I can't believe GM is so cheap they went with an even cheaper battery than Walmart brand!
  3. Hey all. I had this resolved. I know its been a while but I wanted to get a driving test in before replying and haven't really drove the truck at night all summer! Anyway, when I brought it in for maintenance they did a load test on the battery and pulled some codes from the truck, (I didn't have any error lights on). Apparently there were several codes for low voltage. Also the battery test came back as "flooded". They replaced the battery and all was well. Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah I am hoping the rear is fine because its only 1" and the blocks were tapered. Its the front 4x4 I am mostly worried about since the front is up 1.85".
  5. I'm not but didn't want to prematurely wear out anything without noticing symptoms.
  6. Hey all, I didn't really think about this when installed but had a friend ask me if I did anything about the new driveshaft angle for the 4X4 and main shaft. I installed the 5100's on max setting and added a 1" raise in the the back. The Motofab blocks had a taper to maintain the angle, (I think) but now I am worried about it being correct and if I need to do a transfer case drop? Do you think that it is lifted enough to worry about? I cant really tell by looking.
  7. What does tow mode actually do other than run the gears out longer. I tow a 3000lb camper and never put it in tow mode because I hate seeing the engine rev that high.
  8. This One has plenty of hose and so far been fine for me. I have only used it a handful of times though.
  9. I did get an update that increased the voltage, (supposedly). I think it made no difference. I will most likely take it in under warranty too. Just hate to if it is something that I can fix in the driveway like a loose wire. Battery cables seem fine.
  10. Hey all. 2015 Sierra SLE. I have searched a bit for this issue but haven't really found the same symptoms. I only notice it at night of course. When I am on the brakes, the headlights dim a bit. Then if the fog lights are on, it is even more noticeable. If I have the stock radio playing and there is a decent amount of base, I can see the headlights flicker to the tune, (fine if I was at a club). Also if I turn a blinker on, you can see the lights dim on and off. I saw some posts about G218 but they seemed more related to internal stuff. I only notice this in the exterior lights. Any ideas? I suspect maybe a weak ground connection somewhere? Thanks for any input.
  11. Maybe 1 MPG or less here. I went with the 5100's at highest notch and 265/70/18 tires, (32.6"). Basically 1" over stock. I was actually surprised because I figured with the tire size off, it would mess with the computer and drop it significantly. I'm sure it does a little bit but like I said, I don't see a huge difference and LOVE the look now. Also I still have the front valance on which helps with MPG.
  12. Yes it is outside and does sit for a few days to a week at a time in the summer. I am also in a wooded area. There's not much I can do about it I guess except drive it more or hope that adding the screen to the vent will stop them.
  13. Maybe its just me but I have noticed no difference in ride. I still like them as I believe they will last longer though.
  14. Check the cabin air filter yourself and shine a flashlight up into the air vent opening to look for rodent nests. I had a horrible smell coming from the vents this year and found the cabin air filter was covered in piss and shit from mice. Then I found the nest in the compartment under the windshield trim where the air comes in to the vent system. Got a new filter and vacuumed out the nest, (had to pull the windshield wipers, trim piece, and vent cover) . I then proceeded to catch 6 mice in traps the following nights. I sprayed disinfectant all over the entire area and fashioned a screen with zip ties over the air intake. Took a while to get the smell completely gone. Hopefully the screen will prevent further mouse intrusion.
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