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  1. Glastonbury here. Just sold my '16 1500 on Saturday though. Anyone in need of a 6.5' tonneau? I can't post in the classifieds due to the restrictions
  2. I actually noticed some dropping inside the cab when i was cleaning over the weekend. I opened the hood and sure enough the space between the sound dampening material/metal and top metal portion of the hood was filled with cracked acorns. My wife's car and my sports car also had plenty of that under the hood as well, but I hadn't seen it INSIDE the cab! I was shocked when I found droppings inside. I have a cat, and she catches the mice but won't kill them. She just plays with them.
  3. Thanks all for the feedback. Since it's just the flapper I'll just live with it. Not really worth my time to sit in the dealership for 2 hours for something so trivial.
  4. Now that it's warm out, I've been driving with the windows down. I started to notice a 'squeak' whenever I would hit the gas a bit. After monitoring for a bit I noticed it specifically occurs when switching out of AFM, V4 to V8. It's a pretty loud sound, and kind of drives me nuts. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm trying to decide whether or not it's worth it to take it to the dealer to look at, it doesn't feel like there's any issue mechanically - just an annoying sound.
  5. I hope you didn't spend too much on that 'electronic rust protection' system - because they were discredited years ago. http://ecclesautoservice.ca/do-electronic-rust-protectors-work/ Otherwise - nice truck! Getting those front windows tinted is a must, I only lasted a week before I went and got mine done.
  6. Im at 527/mo. for 39 months - 12k/year (39k miles total). 0 down, 9% tax for leases in PA . Truck was stickered at 53, w/supplier pricing and other discounts it was 43 after tax. I think the residual was a bit low, so hoping to get some cash back at the end of the lease.
  7. The front plate is riveted into the steel bumper - and forced during build for any truck being delivered to a state using front plates.
  8. Wowza... I just switched my insurance to Geico - Was paying 525/6mo. for a 2013 BRZ on my parents insurance plan. My 2016 Sierra Double is 505/6mo. with the same level of coverage as on my parents insurance for a much more expensive vehicle (sports car vs. truck though). I'm also 24, which made it surprising that geico was so low.
  9. Mine does this too for an iPod I have connected through the USB port in the center console as well. I don't notice it while the truck is off though.
  10. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to trying to keep my damn hands away from the tools for a while... told my wife I wouldn't modify this one again.... sure honey!
  11. Hey Everyone! I just picked up my 2016 Sierra 1500 Double Cab SLT All Terrain this morning. I have the worst luck when it comes to buying cars, because it seems that every time I take delivery it's raining! I did of course get a picture once the rain stopped! I'm coming from a 2013 Subaru BRZ, so this is a pretty massive change (pun intended). Here she is!
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