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  1. You will have that light on because you don't have cats before the O2 sensor. I did long tube headers and had the same thing happen to me. I would recommend getting it custom tuned by someone using HP tuners, you can turn off that code in the tune and the light will not be on. They can also adjust your air fuel ratio which will help. Not too sure that it's ok to be driving around with no cats when it's untuned.
  2. Sounds good, I'll tighten them up in morning and see if it makes a difference. Maybe if that doesn't work ill drive around with my tuner and try and log it when it does that via HP tuners.
  3. I have Texas Speed long tubes and a Borla cat-back and its not crazy loud, but with not having cats your truck will smell like gas. People in line at Whataburger HATE me. But it does sound good! Once I do a cam it will sound even better!
  4. Howdy, I own a 2010 Silverado that is doing some weird stuff. First off, let me tell you the mods that are done: Yank 2800 Stall, TSP long tubes, Borla Cat-Back system, K&N cold air intake, some random after market spark plug wires that came off a 2011 Camaro SS, and it has a custom tune done with HP tuners. This is a 5.3 LC9 with a 6l80 transmission (with stock clutches besides the stall). Now let me tell you the issue. If I am cruising at low speeds and mash into the gas it will sometimes wig out. It shoots the rpm's to 6k and unlocks and locks the doors (almost like it's trying to throw it in park). This doesn't happen all the time, only at low speeds and if I haven't touched the gas in awhile. I'm almost ready to pull the converter off and throw the stock one back on, but part of me thinks it might be an electrical issue. I had the transmission pulled out and the stall rebuilt back in December and my transmission guy said it's one of cleanest 6l80's he has ever seen, so I'm hoping its not my clutches. Let me know if y'all know anything about this type of problem, but everyone I've talked to so far has no clue. This sucks because I was planning on doing a TSP cam and DOD delete this summer, but that will have to wait! -David
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