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  1. I haven't had the truck long I just bought it at the end of February.I don't think the trans has ever been serviced before but I could be wrong.when I bought the truck it had 88k on the odom,and I haven't done a lot of towing,but I've ran fuel injector treatments through and seafoam and I use mid grade gas ,it'll take a bit but I'll get him back to where he needs to be,,
  2. I have an issue it may be minimal or massive idk but I've seemed to notice a small hesitation or a lag between first and second...it's like as I start to accelerate and it gets to about 15mph going into second you can feel a slight pause and then a small jerk into 2nd idk if this is normal or what maybe a little feedback can get me pointed in the right direction?
  3. I just bought my truck "06 silverado vortec max" and I want to throw a turbo In it I don't want to take it to the track I'd just like to get the kick and punch I know the trucks capable of I myself have not done any custom upgrades myself but I'd like to do turbo kit and possibly upgrade the stock transmission to a 5speed auto trans or if it'll fit I'd like to go with the Allison trans ..any feedback? Pros /cons? Suggestions? "Hey don't do that dumbass" lol all feedback is good feedback
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