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  1. We see over time small shavings in the bottom of the catch cans on the Trucks with mid to high miles. As for the media, they are all tightly woven custom non-magnetic Stainless Steel and are designed to last the life of the vehicle without any interference with debris that gets in the bottom of the catch can except to eliminate the chance of anything getting pulled past the filter. We only use custom formed/manufactured custom SS coalescing media that in wire form to eliminate any breakdown and make sure to deliver the very best setup available in every aspect. As we have seen first hand Ford and GM trucks get trash on the magnetic drain plugs and the engines are perfect and last forever. I've seen just normal wear and tear on the engine as it usually comes from under the valve cover when you have metal shaving or debris that travel from there to the oil pan and can eventually get ingested in the engine as the magnetic drain plug was something we added after discovering steel shavings in some catch cans. Since we do not use anything that can create metal shaving in any of our catch cans we decided to add the magnetic drain plugs and have been using them ever since with good luck as they collect chips over time. Glad you brought this up as I didn't even leave the option for the drain valve vs the magnet plug. Thank you for mentioning. Joe
  2. The magnetic drain plug is removable and what everyone needs to remember is the UPR Plug n Play™ Catch Can is designed just to simply unscrew the bottom and drain it out without any mess. No need to ever remove the magnetic drain plug as it will catch and trash that comes through the engine. To tighten the can closed you simply snug it against the o-ring without cranking it or using any force as this was designed for the o-ring to secure it. Joe
  3. UPR is offering a special for forum members on the Fully Loaded UPR Plug n Play™ Single Valve Catch Can System. Includes: NEW UPR HiFlow Check Valves, O-Ring Kit, UPR Magnetic Drain Plug or UPR Drain Valve Option. The retail is normally $264.96 and the Special Offer is $219.99 saving almost $50 off the complete system. Please PM to get this special offer. By the way all our kits only come with Braided Lines and Plug n Play™ Catch Can fittings. Thank you, Joe
  4. PM me for current special offer discount pricing on the upgrades for each system as we will be discounting all the upgrades for gm-truck.com members.
  5. We are currently running a special on the UPR Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can with CSS and we also have a Catch Can System for a 2008 corvette. Our kits offer full braided lines and the highest quality components across the board. The kits can be seen here. 5.3L kit http://www.uprproducts.com/chevrolet-gm-billet-oil-catch-can-dual-valve-css-silverado-53-14.html 6.2L Kit http://www.uprproducts.com/chevrolet-gm-billet-oil-catch-can-dual-valve-css-silverado-62-14.html PM me for special pricing on the options for each kit and I will be able to offer some great pricing. Thank you, Joe
  6. I'm getting a vibration in my gas pedal after installing the dual valve with CSS. Is this normal? I seen people comment and I have read some reviews on here. Can you help? All my check valves are running away from the can 


    1. Joe@UPRproducts

      [email protected]

      Not normal,


      I've heard some guys use a Plastic or Delrin washer between the booster and the mounting bracket.


      Never hear about a vibration in the gas pedal from the installation.


      Install looks great.



  7. I have to say that's one of the BEST looking engine bays I've seen, from the white engine cover with the Storm Trooper is a very COOL look. Thank you for the honest and flattering review of the UPR Catch Can. I've been working hard on continually updating the UPR Plug n Play™ Catch Can Fittings and love to hear the feedback as it helps me to improve our products and ease of installation. No Bias here but I love how clean the UPR Catch Can looks with the UPR Braided Hoses and Plug n Play™ Fittings that all flow together like a factory product or NICER. Feel free to hit me up if you come up with a good alternative mounting location for the catch can. Thank you, [email protected]
  8. It's extremely critical to keep the vacuum stong and airspeed up so be sure to have the least restrictive setup possible on the dirty line of the PCV system. This is where the vacuum is utilized to help the rings seal and evacuate crankcase pressure which is very similar to a vacuum pump. So basically, you will be introducing a reduced flow/small line system where you should have something that flows the same as factory or better. I would really be looking for a much higher flow unit to go in the PCV line so you do not lose the benefits of the strong vacuum signal from the intake manifold. This is the reason we build UPR Plug n Play™ Catch Cans with OEM and larger UPR braided hoses and UPR plug n play™ fittings so they always flow the same or more than the existing line/setup. It's very important to keep your PCV system flowing smooth and maintain vacuum at all times as any snake down in line is detrimental to the efficiency of the PCV and the overall performance and mpg of your vehicle. The benefits of the oil you catch will be negated by the lack of vacuum and any restriction smaller lines and traps can cause. You have the right idea, just need to get some serious flow parts to accomplish oil control while maintaining the same or better vacuum. Hope this helps. Joe
  9. Exactly, where is the dirty line protection? The way the system is routed it's only protecting the air box from ingesting oil. It's missing 90% or more of the possible oil ingestion.
  10. UPR NEWS FLASH UPR Oil Catch Can Drain Line Kit for ALL Catch Can Systems with a 1/4 Inch Drain. Part Number: H5032-49 Designed to work with all Catch Cans with a 1/4 Inch Drain Plug Hole. We've included both a 90 deg and 180 deg fitting to be able to work with the tightest mounting locations that require a quick bend out of the catch can due to limited mounting space and a straight fitting to be able to drop it straight down. Our kit only allows you to remote mount the drain valve and be able to empty your catch can on the fly without going under the hood or having to remove anything. Simply slide a bucket or drain pan under your car and open the drain valve and your all set. No cheap rubber hoses or generic hose clamps in this kit only UPR Nickel Fittings, UPR Chrome Drain Valve, UPR Braided Hose, with UPR Billet Hose Ends for a perfect no-slip fit that will last a lifetime. http://www.uprproducts.com/upr-oil-catch-can-drain-line-kit-12.html This Catch Can Drain Line Kit includes: * 2pc UPR Billet Hose End Covers * 1pc 1/4 Turn Drain Valve with 14mm Barbed End * 1pc 90 Degree 14mm Barb x 1/4" Catch Can Fitting * 1pc 180 Degree14mm Barb x 1/4" Catch Can Fitting * 1pc 48" 1/2" UPR Braided Hose - 300psi Oil Resistant Have a great weekend, Joe http://www.uprproducts.com/
  11. The CSS improves the quality of air/oil protection on the clean side of the intake on the PCV as that line flows both ways depending on engine load and blow-by. Oil does get pulled through the clean side when you are towing or driving spirited. The UPR CSS is just a very precise way to make sure your engine is getting the cleanest fresh air into the PCV system/crankcase at all times. The factory air filter is only the first line of defense and this is the second layer. A catch can without a CSS only protects the dirty side of the PCV and it can ingest whatever contaminants find their way through. Basically, it extends the longevity of your vehicle. The UPR CSS has a uniquely designed internal multi-stage system with an SS coalescing filter and Billet internal splash shield.
  12. The UPR Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can with CSS is now on sale for a Limited Time Offer! Retail $399.99 / Sale $349.99 5030-168-CSS - 5.3 UPR Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can with CSS http://www.uprproducts.com/chevrolet-gm-billet-oil-catch-can-dual-valve-css-silverado-53-14.html 5030-218-CSS - 6.2 UPR Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can with CSS http://www.uprproducts.com/chevrolet-gm-billet-oil-catch-can-dual-valve-css-silverado-62-14.html We have switched over many of our CNC machines to lathes with live tooling and 5-axis capability so we can continue to bring you the very best components at reduced prices in the face of tariffs and material increases. Here's UPR Plug n Play™ Catch Can ( Hit List ) of Standard Feature's Plug n Play™ Fittings - Braided Hose - Billet Hose Ends - Exact Fit Coalescing Filters - Drain Valves Billet Check Valves - Adjustable Catch Can Brackets - Modular Design for easy Maintenence We usually have 25,000 feet of each size Braided Hose in stock to give us the very best price and make braided hose standard and NOT an upgrade with all our UPR Plug n Play™ Catch Cans, unlike an industry that highly profited by charging big $$$ for Braided Hoses Upgrades. We use Insta-Grip Braided Hose, 300psi rated anti-collapse fuel and oil resistant braided hose. Feel free to ask us any questions. Joe
  13. I never noticed that the small can is just a billet inline fuel filter with a hole drilled in the sie of it! How much was that system? The internal filter image on their website is from a regular fuel filter. You can get that filter on eBay for $18 Shipped and RX sells it for $149.00!!! I would send that back as you are not getting any deal unless it's a FREE kit they sent you to test. Also, they are advertising a heat exchanger feature and adding a nipple to the end of the diffuser like a drip tube is not a heat exchanger. Just saw that after your image post as I used to watch RX make many claims with different parts that were not above board. I don't like seeing anyone taken advantage of as these boards are to share and educate fellow enthusiasts about good products and companies. Just search eBay for this part name. - billet aluminum inline fuel filter https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=billet+aluminum+inline+fuel+filter&_sacat=0 I hope this helps you get a better setup that is meant to deal with the PCV system.
  14. GM-GMC Truck Catch Can Installation Video UPR 2014-2019 Plug n Play™ DUAL VALVE Catch Can with New Plug n Play™ CSS (Patent Pending) UPR GM-GMC Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can Installation Video - Kits for all 5.3 and 6.2 equipped Silverado and Sierra Trucks UPR Plug n Play™ Catch Can Installation Video Just wanted to share how clean and easy a UPR Plug n Play™ Cath Can System is to install for anyone. UPR includes all the Highest Quality Components STANDARD in our kits and not as Overpriced Upgrades. > UPR Multi-Chamber, Multi-Stage Oil Coalescing > UPR Billet 100psi Check Valves w/ PTFE Ball > UPR Custom SS Formed Coalescing filters > UPR 300psi Braided lines fuel/oil lines > UPR Custom fit Billet Hose Ends > UPR Plug n Play™ fittings > UPR SS Drain Valve UPR is continuously improving our Plug n Play™ Catch Can Systems to be sure we deliver the very best catch can systems. Our Catch Can Systems are held to standards well above the OEM manufacturers. Joe

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