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  1. I have a 14 crew cab and my truck has drove like a piece of junkids since I bought it almost 2yrs ago. When driving people probably think I'm drunk because the steering is so bad. Any bumps or groves in the road and the truck pulls. Even the wind can blow me. I feel unsafe driving this. I've taken it to like 3 or 4 different dealership and they all keep the truck after the test drive but when it comes to diagnose or replicate the issue, at first they'd just say your truck will get better after driving it, because it's new. Then after going back and forth to dealerships and calling gm, I get the old there's nothing wrong with it. I've had loaner truck and they don't drive like that. I'm severely disappointed because of this situation. I buy my 1st Chevy and from day one it's been a nightmare. I should have done a lot more and stayed on them but I work a lot and have to have a truck. If anyone knows what the cause of the problem is please, please let me know. I fear for my life and the lives of others.
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