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  1. I’m going to purchase the custom TB within the year and I like the 6 spd over the 8 or 10 because it’s been used forever without fail. The custom as well doesn’t have the auto start stop feature which is big for me. I think with a few addons the custom will be a perfect ride. GM did great with the TB models regardless.
  2. Bringing this thread back, I started a thread about 18" wheels and tires but figured if am going to do it might as well get exactly what I want and I would like the identical setup to this. Only problem is I have the 2" RC leveling kit. The wheels will be Moto Metal 970 +18 offset 20x9 and tires 275/60r20. Will this rub or will I be okay with a setup like this? Thanks, Wil
  3. I may go with the +20mm to be safe. I have dug up a post on another forum group and like this guys setup. I'll probably just copy his but may go with different tires due to myself driving highway everyday. The aggressive look is exactly what I'm looking for. Here is the post I am talking about http://www.gmfullsize.com/threads/2013-nnbs-4x4-leveled-w-285-65-tgs-fuel-mavericks.274285/
  4. Thanks again guys for the quick responses. I have decided to put Fuel Mavericks 18x9 on the truck with the tires. As well decided I want the wider stance of the 285/65r18. What offset would work best? I would like a tiny bit to stick outside the fender but not much. Fuel offers +14mm, +20mm, or +01mm, Which of these in y'alls opinion would look best with my setup? I'll add a picture for better judgement.
  5. I am unsure of what the offset is of the factory 18" wheels but here is a link to my question over in the tire, wheel section. A 33" is about the max that will fit without having to cut and remove plastic. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/191899-13-gmc-sierra-1500-rc-2-level-confirmation-on-tires/
  6. Hey guys, Go ahead tell me this topic has been killed many times over but I just want confirmation. I am now sitting with about 1/2" difference between front and rear. Will I be okay with putting 275/70r18 BF Goodrich KO2's on my truck without rubbing or do I need to go to a 285/65r18 which is 32.6" tire? Possibly may put some kind of 18x9" wheel on my truck but not right now. Thanks for the help in advanced! Wil
  7. I'm interested in seeing how this build turned out also. Is it worth the trouble?
  8. Here she is finished. Going to put nitto terra grapplers G2. Not sure on the size yet will a 33" tire fit without rubbing?
  9. Hi All, New to the forum not new to leveling or lifting trucks. Recently bought a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE and want to take the rake out of the nose. Ordered the Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit the strut extensions for $50. What is necessary to remove for me to install these blocks? The power steering plugs seem to be a little over pre-cautious or do I need to do this? Also does the bolts need to be removed completely or loosened to drop the suspension enough to install the blocks? I understand this topic has been hammered on a million times but just would like to know. I'll post pictures after the install. Thanks, Wil
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