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  1. I know old post, but I went ahead a went with the Eibach kit set on 1st notch which is 2.5" lift and stock UCA's, and sitting at 38.5" Drivers side, and 38 3/4 Passengers side. I have a SuperSprings helper spring on the rear of my truck to help with towing a Travel trailer. The helper spring took the rear up to 40", so almost an inch higher in rear now, which gives the truck the front down rake again. Thinking of getting rid of the helper spring and staying stock in rear. That way it'll sit fairly level. What are some thoughts about keeping rear helper spring and going up to the SECOND notch on the Eibachs, and getting Cognito upper control arms. The second notch on the Eibachs with their springs say 3.2" online, but in the instructions that came with my kits, it says second notch is 3" Below my 2014 Silverado LT with Eibach PRO lift front struts and springs, and Eibach rear shocks, along with a SuperSpring helper spring in rear.
  2. So 2.5" lift at the Lowest setting With their springs, can you get More height with the higher notch settings? if so, how much height is each notch? I have a 2014 Silverado, and I am Currently running Bilstein 5100 in all 4 corners, but want just a little more up front. Bilstein states 1.85" lift, while Eibach is 2.5". I would like to get closer to 3" without going over, but will be Happy with the 2.5" Eibach's Good Video by the way
  3. Hello, New guy to the group. Thank you for allowing me to join. I have an older truck, nothing special by no means, but it is my daily driver. 2001 GMC Sierra 2500 6.0 - auto. I have a couple questions: I what would the best plugs be for this motor and for the best mpg's, and at what gap? I currently have the Bosh iridium plugs in it, and i'm not to impressed with them, as i only get about 12 mpg. Also, what plug wires would be good? are the stock type wires better or the 8.5mm wires? mine are old stock ones now. Thank you.
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