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  1. Did I miss out? 2014 to 2018

    In late 16 I got my 2016 LTZ SB CC Z71 for less than 45K. Also had LTZ plus package and 14K miles. Those seem pretty high but maybe not there. I live in the upper midwest.
  2. Replacing pump.. In warranty, they offered a loaner since they had to order the pump. It will be dropped off at the house when done today as a trade for not taking a loaner. Thanks, good advice and troubleshooting.
  3. Thankfully it is still in warranty. Thanks for the heads up info. I made an appointment yesterday after talking to my non dealer mechanic that installed the trailer brake controller. He confirms what is said here, not the culprit.
  4. Hi all, Service Brake Assist is showing up as a pop up window. The brakes seem to be fine in normal driving but when i am in reverse they seem mushing and unresponsive. I first noticed this after having a Curt trailer brake installed. The very first time was when backing in our camper, I almost had to stand on the brakes while backing in. Forward, just fine. I would like to hear from you guys as to whether the trailer brake install is the issue. i am not seeing any leakage. The truck is a 16 LTZ CC Silverado. I can take to the dealer but I want to determine if the trailer brake unit is the culprit or if it is coincidental.
  5. Tonneau cover

    The Peragon looks like a great cover, the video on the website shows drilling, is that into the truck bed? Also, what about hail? I was hoping that the Access for a 2013 would work but it is becoming pretty clear that it will not.
  6. Hey guys, Access model number for the 2013 short box is 12309 and the number for the 2016 is 12319. I am thinking they both have the same bed size, 5'8". Has anyone used the tonneau cover from a 2013 short box and the put it on a 2016? I have a new in the box 12309 that I never put on my 2013 1500 crew cab short box, now I have the 2016 1500 crew cab short box. Will it fit? I don't want to take it out of the shipping box until I know. Thanks for any help on this.

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