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  1. I dont think its actually blowing, maybe just sounds like it is. Its the same sound when its on floor/defrost, but just no air coming out defrost? Just crappy that it has to be that loud. I end up turning it on floor and dash vents, and then just close the dash vents. Makes for a much quieter ride.
  2. If you push this button on a 2014+ GM/Chev, does your truck keep blowing an annoying amount of air out the defrost vent? I had heard there were updates to the HVAC module, but don’t know if it changes the behaviour. If yours is newer and doesn’t blow out the defrost, lemme know so I can take it to the dealer. I had been dealing with it, but now tired of the extra noise, surprised it works this way. That button implies floor heat only, no?
  3. Where did you find the GMC emblem for the appearance cover?
  4. Good news from my end. Dealership made repairs as per PI1138A. I see the parts were taken out of stock as per the procedure, and the click is gone. If you are affected by this issue, reference the PI1138A found in the links above, and have it applied to your truck. I think the solution would probably apply to the 2016's, as its the same seat from what I can see. Important to note that when I took it in, they asked for a problem description, wanting to ensure the right process was applied. I said things like clicking, sudden jerky movements, driver side bottom cushion, going around corners,
  5. Thanks for posting Mark - cheers - sincerely appreciated. Truck is booked for Monday, we will see if they can get it, and if they try to bill me on it. Truck is still under warranty, so keeping fingers crossed. They are doing toe seatbelt, and airbag recalls at the same time.
  6. Hi Mark - can you tell me how much labour there was here - how many hours? Any chance of a scan/upload on that invoice minus all the personal info? Appreciate your contribution on this topic above - thanks very much.
  7. I know this isn't the first thread on this issue and apologize for any duplication. I have seen information on the Tahoe/Yukon forum as well. The issue is best summarized by the repair tip link - "Driver and/or passenger seat lower cushion exhibits excessive lateral seat movement combined with a clunk type feeling, or generates a click type noise. This condition occurs when the seat is occupied and the vehicle is being driven on roads with multiple curves or during low speed maneuvers. This condition may be caused by movement in the seat cushion and/or movement between the seat pan front
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