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  1. I found a fog light retrofit kit from Winjet that includes the wiring harness, lights and surround bezels, and a factory look dashboard switch bezel. The lights are like the cheap factory ones but I think they can be switched out for Morimotos and still fit this harness. One major problem I've run into is removing the the stock fog light block off plates. They each have four 7mm screws only accessible from the back side and they are a total bitch to remove and replace without removing the bumper. Removing the bumper looks to be an absolutely daunting task. This thing looks like it was designed by a fastener manufacturer looking for early retirement. Has anyone voluntarily removed the front bumper on a new Sierra? What is the easiest procedure?
  2. I recently switched from 87 octane unleaded to 89 and I'm getting 45 miles more range out of a 30gal fillup. MPG went from aprox. 17.3 to 18.8. The engine runs noticeably better too. The price difference in CA is only about 10 cents a gallon so it even saves a little money. I'm going to try a few tanks of 91octane premium and see what happens.
  3. I changed out my stock struts for Rancho Suspension units a week after I bought my Sierra. 100% improvement over the cheap stock units. Auto Zone will lend you the strut compressor for free, even if you don't buy the parts there. They charge $55 to your credit card and refund the full amount when you bring it back. The set they gave me still had the wrapping on it. The job isn't as tough as some people would have you think. All it takes is a few basic tools, some mechanical knowhow and about three hours. The hardest part was finding a place that stocked the parts. If you want to take an easy way out, most aftermarket companies offer a 2" lift version that comes with the spring already installed. All you have to do is bolt it on.
  4. Crappy halogen headlights on the 2014 and 2015 Sierras is a well known fact all over this forum. That's why they switched to LEDs in 2016. These things are invisible at dusk and not a whole lot better after dark. GM should recall them for a fix before they lose the impending legal action.
  5. Has anybody added fog lights to the base model Sierra? It has black covers in the front bumper for them, but no lights. Can they be added to the factory wiring or do you need to start from scratch. I've already installed a Morimoto HID kit in the crappy stock headlights, but I could use some more light on the sides for turns.
  6. The light pattern looks similar to the one I just installed. I don't think it's an installation problem. The bulbs can only be plugged into the harness one way and inserted and twisted into the headlight one way. I think it may be a reflection off some of the chrome trim around the grill. Beats the hell out of the stock ones though.
  7. Pretty blondes in bikinis at gas stations are a rarity. Taxes and gas prices are high ($2.95 gal 91oct) so our Democrat politicians can fund freebies for as many undeserving as they can come up with. I gotta admit Dianne Feinstein is hot babe though. Don't you think.
  8. I installed a Morimoto 35watt 5500K HID kit from The Retrofit Source a couple of days ago. I just got back from a 200 mile freeway trip from Vegas to Ca. 3 lane interstate through the boondocks. These lights are freaking amazing! Excellent clear white light across 3 lanes and 15ft to each side and at least 150ft ahead all without annoying other drivers. The whole trip on low beam. No need for HB at all. I did this same trip a month ago with the stock flashlights and was convinced I had to do something. Best money I ever spent on a vehicle.
  9. The Ranchos should be under warranty. Either from the dealer (3yr 36,000 mile bumper to bumper) or from Rancho (Lifetime original owner). My old S10 went 240,000 miles through 4 sets of aftermarket Ranchos. 3 replaced free under warranty with no hassle at all.
  10. If you want brighter light go with a 50Watt ballast instead of the 35Watt. The bulb rating affects the color of the light more than the brightness. The Retrofit Source sells Morimoto kits online. I just installed one and it works great. Get on their website chat line and they can point you in the right direction. Ask the guy on the chat line for a discount code and you get 10% off.
  11. I installed this kit on my 2015 Sierra today. I ordered the 35Watt ballasts with 55K bulbs (The most popular kit). After watching the video above, it only took about 3 hours to install. The results are literally night and day. Excellent visibility from dusk to full darkness with a wide field of view in low beam. High beam can light a runway for passenger jet landings---For deserted roads only. Properly adjusted, these lights should not blind other drivers or attract the cops. This is the best improvement I've made on this truck so far. Very pleased with results and it's completely reversible. Quality kit. Well worth the money. A few notes on the installation video: The entire air intake doesn't need to be removed. You can do the job easily with just removing the air filter box. Use a step drill bit on the dust caps. Stop at 15/16th and the wires go through easily and the rubber grommets fit great.. The guy in the video says the the caps cost $5 a pair. The real price is 25 bucks each (yikes!) so don't screw them up. This model specific kit costs $170 OTD but I got on the websites chat line and asked the guy for a coupon code that brought the price down to $153. GET ONE. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED.
  12. The problem probably has a lot to do with what state of the country you're in. California has vapor recovery nozzles on all pumps except for diesel. There is a spring loaded rubber tube where the nozzle meets the gas fill hole. It must form a seal or the fuel shuts off automatically. Trouble is, the spring pushes the nozzle away if you don't hang on and push firmly. With the odd angle of GM trucks filler it won't stay in on its own so you have to stand there and hold onto it. PITA
  13. It doesn't shut off as often if you point the spout towards the rear of the vehicle, but you still have to stand there and hold the damn thing. Mine's got a 34 gal tank for even more fun.
  14. Check Craigslist for new takeoffs. I bought a gorgeous set taken from a brand new GMC SLT for $600. Brand new Good Years and TPMS and lugnuts included. People buy these trucks and immediately change the wheels. Hard to get a better deal than that.
  15. I've also noticed the tach fluctuate slightly at around 50-55mph with a change in exhaust note. It goes away when speed increases. It doesn't seem to be a real problem, but if it is, I want it fixed before the factory warranty expires. Trans fluid is level is right on and only has about 16K miles on it. 2015 Sierra 5.3L 6spd
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