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    Enjoy collecting Original Bolens Garden Tractors. Also have a Cub Cadet Diesel and a White GT. Enjoy Garden Railroading, woodworking and gardening. Live on 4 acres with no neighbors visible and closest one is 1-1/4 mile away. Spent 32 years in law enforcement.
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  1. One thing I have not seen mentioned in any headlight test is the fact of trying to look through a light beam into a lighted area. Headlights shine in all directions, so the driver has to look through the light rays into the lighted area. Years ago I learned that when driving in snow or rain, if you cover the top half of the headlight with a light blocking material like black tape, your visibility is much, much better. Newer vehicles have corrected this to some extent. But most of the test deal with distance the headlights will shine. One thing I have not seen mentioned in any headlight t
  2. I drive about 9K a year, most of it is less than 30 miles at a time. I go by the DIS and use 5-W30 Quaker State Hi Mileage. Vehicle has 166K+. I also keep an eye on the gauges, oil pressure, coolant temp, battery charge, etc. Gauges will tell you more than the DIS will. I run about 100 miles over this time around had it serviced today. Maybe I should have had it done sooner as I blew a brake line on the way home. Good thing I am not a hard driver. I believe is easy breaking and easy starting. I don't need to listen to any straight pipes to kill the gas mileage. Set of brakes will usual
  3. When I got my first Chevy with the DIS I found out my driving habits were not very good. I run with it set on 'instant economy' all the time and find I get a lot better economy then when driving with it set on anything else. Driving habits is a lot of your fuel economy, brake expense, and a lot of other variables,
  4. UPDATE: So far the AC/ Heater is working like it is supposed to. Varied the fan from off to speed 3 a couple times. Changed the temp slides to warmer and down to cool. Started the truck several times during our 75 mile trip to another town and at various stops in that town. Was getting cool when we left dinner and headed home so run a little heat. So far so good. Have every limb and finger crossed that I can cross and hope it keeps working. Looks like thos systems have their own temperament and have one way to correct them and is a little different for each one. Makes it hard to stay
  5. Why? Looks dumb to me but I am old fashioned I guess. Throws the drive train clear out of line. Don' like to have to jump to reach the door handle much less try to get in.
  6. Hi all. I have been a Chevy owner for many years. Now retired and living in SW Iowa and drive an 04 Avalanche. Been a real good truck, purchased used and have put about 40K miles on it. Serviced by the computer and use Quaker State Hi Mileage oil. Only gets about 8-9K miles a year, mostly local driving. A while back I was going to an auction and the drivers side went from A/C cool to heat. About a week later it corrected itself and worked good for several drives. Then suddenly the passenger side went to full heat with no control over it. Driver side stayed controllable. Tried a coup
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