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  1. Hello all, I finally registered, but until now have gained lots of great info lurking around here. thanks fellas! So... I'm attempting to add factory power locks, mirrors, and windows to at least the front doors and windows of my 05 CCSB 2500 4x4 wt. I picked up a pair of front donor doors out of a 2004 ECSB silverado. Have swapped the regulator, wiring harness, latch, handle, and lock actuator into the truck. I'm wondering if the pin out is available for the right side BEC, as it appears I'm missing one wire in the dash harness, or that some pins might need rearranged. Here's a pic of the back of the passenger side BEC. And one of the door harness clip that plugs into the passenger side BEC. See how one wire in the dash harness is missing on the lower right if looking at 1st pic, or lower left if looking at the 2nd pic??... Looking for any info to help me get to the bottom of this. Thanks fellas Also anybody got a line on a dealer around KC that will rework the bcm as required? Called a dealership yesterday and they were clueless. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  2. Gas mileage hit 3.73 vs 3.42?

    I have the 3.42 in an ecsb z71 and usually get 17.9-18.5 on the highway. Dad has an 05 CCSB z71 with 3.73s. he gets up to 17+ on the highway. Unless you're driving massive amounts daily I don't think it's worth worrying about. FWIW, the 3.42 is good for hauling people and that's about it, it's a turd with a load, I mean, a small load, like a 6x10 single axle trailer with a single ATV on it. Lots of downshifting on the mildest of hills. I love the gearing in dad's ten times better than the 3.42s in mine... Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk

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