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  1. Pennzoil Platnum and Mobil 1 are brands that happen to meet the GM dexos spec...There is no Dexos brand. We will have to agree to dissagree as I don't have a dog in this race. My 05 doesn't require Dexos. I do think its funny how amsoil (and others) get their undies in a knot because they think they are too good to get a license or have their oil verified by GM to see if it passes their test. What do they have to worry about??? have a good one
  2. As I said before...Dexos is NOT a brand. It is a spec and GM can require a fluid or part to meet a certain spec for warranty. They just cannot require you to buy it from them. But you can get it from Exxon/ Mobil or Shell and others. A few companies refuse to pay for a license. Amsoil has a long history of saying they meet the specs but will not pay for a license or to have the oil tested by GM to make sure it meets the specs. Who will win, who knows but it is not a slam dunk, and does not apear to violate the magnason/moss act. From the M/M act.. "Tie-In Sales" Provisions Generally, tie-in sales provisions are not allowed. Such a provision would require a purchaser of the warranted product to buy an item or service from a particular company to use with the warranted product in order to be eligible to receive a remedy under the warranty. The following are examples of prohibited tie-in sales provisions. In order to keep your new Plenum Brand Vacuum Cleaner warranty in effect, you must use genuine Plenum Brand Filter Bags. Failure to have scheduled maintenance performed, at your expense, by the Great American Maintenance Company, Inc., voids this warranty. While you cannot use a tie-in sales provision, your warranty need not cover use of replacement parts, repairs, or maintenance that is inappropriate for your product. The following is an example of a permissible provision that excludes coverage of such things. While necessary maintenance or repairs on your AudioMundo Stereo System can be performed by any company, we recommend that you use only authorized AudioMundo dealers. Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair voids this warranty. Although tie-in sales provisions generally are not allowed, you can include such a provision in your warranty if you can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the FTC that your product will not work properly without a specified item or service. If you believe that this is the case, you should contact the warranty staff of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection for information on how to apply for a waiver of the tie-in sales prohibition.
  3. The aftermarket manufacturers have been paying for a license to make and sell GM Dexron transmission fluid and Dexcool anti freeze for a long time. No difference with Dexos oil. And Dexos is not a brand, it is a GM spec.
  4. From deleted post above... http://www.imakenews.com/lng/e_article002198947.cfm?x=b11,0,w One problam with that is...you don't have to buy Dexos oil from GM. There are a bunch of aftermarket companies selling it. http://www.gmdexos.com/licensedbrands/dexos1licensedbrands.html The magnason moss act says they can't require the consumer to buy the product from them to keep the warranty in effect and if they do they have to provide it for free. As long as the oil is avaliavle from others besides GM this argument may be a stretch. The oil companies complaining just don't want to pay GM for the right to the license to produce the oil. Will they win...maybe, maybe not.
  5. Yeah, ole Fred didn't hang around long. We have had some come through here but Fred ranks right up there.. Steve, you are a year older than me. If a truck don't run over me between now and the 10th, I will be 67. I came up the hard way as well.
  6. Don't know the answer to your question, but the high capacity air filter has nothing to do with air flow but has more pleats and holds more dirt. The standard and high capacity filters are the same size. Also the filter housing is the same no matter what filter you have.
  7. The only truck to get a limited slip was the Quadrasteer and it was a G86. The G80 in a truck as has been said will be a locking diff. Now. Starting in 2004 The Z71 INCLUDED the G80 locking diff. It was not a part of the Z71 but a part of the off road package required by the Z71. Before 2004 it was a stand alone option. It would be listed like this in the dealer RPO code book..
  8. Hours are stored only in the cluster along with mileage. The cluster has its own module.
  9. Its common... .IPC Engine Hour Meter Resets - keywords cluster DIC display hour meter intermittent start up #PIT4368A - (05/29/2007)2003-2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic 2003-2007 GMC Sierra ClassicSome owners may comment of the ipc engine hour meter resetting. This concern may be very intermittent and normally occurs at key up and/or start up. GM Engineering is aware of this concern and working on a correction. At this time there has been varying success repairing this concern with the following information: <LI type=1>Check the battery/s with the Midtronic's battery tester and also perform a load test using a Vat40 or similar load tester to make sure the battery/s are in good condition. We have found in some cases a weak battery could cause this concern, this step is very important on vehicles with the 6.6L Diesel Engine where both batteries are used for cranking the engine. <LI type=1>Check the battery cables and make sure all connections are clean and tight. <LI type=1>Check the IPC powers and grounds (G200, G203, G100, G110 and the braided ground strap between the engine and cowl G104 and G107) connections and make sure they are clean and tight. If the IPC has not been replaced, replace the IPC.
  10. Yes, you can. It's called throwing money away. 1) To my knowledge there isn't a single automobile company that recommends 3K as the change interval, including GM. Most are 5-6K. The 3k number was invented by the Jiffy Lube's of the world to get you to spend more $$$$. 2) I've owned a lot of cars, and know a ton of car people via boards. I'd be willing to bet you can't find a single instance where an engine failed in less than 200K miles because the owner changed the oil every 5K instead of 3K. I'm amazed the crooks at the lube places haven't started recommending to 1K! according to my owner's manuel for 04...it states 3k oil changes... Well lets see, I just happen to have an 04 manual. The only thing it mentions about 3000 miles..is if you ACCIDENTLY reset the OLM and don't know where you are at on miles, change it at 3000 miles then follow the OLM. From the 2004 manual..
  11. Why? And I swear that I saw 16's on an 08 2500HD that were factory...... I think. because i dont like having the same thing that everone else has. my lightning was differnt than any other truck because of the things i did to it. i put an led cadillac 3rd brake light on it, custom grill that i did myself. it stood out. i hate the fact that my truck blends in. if the brake and calipers on the HDs allow for 16s then why wouldnt they be good enough for a 1500?? that's another option to look into as well. i didnt post to get lectures on the safety issues and to be told how important the brakes are. i just wnated to know if anyone has tried it or if it was even possible. maybe it can be done and nobody has tried it. ill figure it out. thanks. HD trucks run front hubs that space the rotors and mounting surface farther apart so the calipers are further inboard. That permits the relatively skinny rims to clear the rotor. Light duty trucks are engineered with the right components to run a lot of inset on the wheels. The HD trucks have different calipers (heavy duty) than the 1500s.
  12. Why? And I swear that I saw 16's on an 08 2500HD that were factory...... I think. When GM went to 17 inch wheels and larger roters in 2005, that was for 1500s. The 2500s stayed the same and came with 16s. Hybrids also stayed the same. See this old thread... http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?...;hl=dlstewart01
  13. GM went to the larger rotors and improved calipers in 2005. Putting on 04 and eariler would be a step backwards..
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