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  1. Does anyone know the part numbers for the fuel tank strap bolts and nuts for a 2011 Escalade regular wheelbase? Having a hard time finding the GM part #.
  2. 2011 Escalade Has anyone replaced their soft brake lines with stainless? How did you get to the upper hard line connection? I dropped my spare but I can't turn a line/flare wrench enough to loosen it up, it's hitting the frame and body. There's only like 3" clearance.
  3. Not really a 6.2 engine question but the 6.2 transmission from my Escalade. I'm looking to rebuild a 6L80(e) over the course of a couple months because I think mine is on its way out (180k, hard shifting, etc...) I'm a little confused with sourcing a core though. Will any 6L80(e) work? Or are they specific to the 6.2 models - i.ei bell housing, bolt pattern, case length, etc... I can find the 6L80(e) all over the place in junkyards in Tahoe's, Silverado's, Yukon's, all with the 5.3. Will there be any problems using this? Aside from the AWD transfer case obviously.
  4. I posted a simliar question over on ls1tech... here's the responses: http://ls1tech.com/forums/automatic-transmission/1853362-6l80e-rough-delayed-downshifts.html Original question: ust purchased a 2011 escalade, went through and changed all my fluids so I had a baseline. Transfer case fluid had no semblance of red coloring whatsoever when I changed it, so I'm wondering if it was too late. Tranny fluid was dark red, didn't smell burnt, and carfax showed that it was changed at 70K miles. Car currently has 140K. I changed the transmission filter, then flushed the fluid via the clear hose in the radiator cooler port method, ended up using 12 quarts in all, filled it, drove it, and checked and added as necessary. I have a significant back road commute to work, and I've been noticing as I'm coming to a stop or near stop, the transmission (I assume, maybe transfer case?) is clunking/hard shifting down, banging into a lower gear, noticeably so. It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to be concerned. I don't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary when it upshifts though, when I punch it, it seems to shift firmly and smoothly through all gears. I've checked and double checked the fluid level, but I'm starting to wonder if the lack of maintenance from the PO might require a rebuild. Thoughts?
  5. Just picked up a 2011 escalade premium a couple months ago and I've been checking off maintenence items to have my own baseline of when stuff was done - fluids (tranny, diff, xfer case, etc), filters, belts, etc... Next on my list is the plugs and wires. I found a smoking deal on delco iridium plugs, but I'm having a few issues with wires. I found the below over on tahoeyukonforum, and after reading around, this seems to be pretty accurate (see below) I was looking at the Taylor wires, however it appears that model years 2007-2009 have different wires than the 2010+. Does this make any sense? Specifically Taylor 84044. It comes up as fitting the earlier models, but not the later models. Anyone know for sure if this is the case? something about round vs square wire ends?
  6. Never owned a GM vehicle, so I'm new to these engines and such. Recently purchased a 2011 Cadillac Escalade, and a few weeks into driving it, noticed it has a tick while running. See below The 1st video below makes the noise much more pronounced almost like a diesel. In person it's not that loud/aggressive, and can't be heard inside the vehicle with the windows and stuff closed. This happens at idle, no matter engine temp - cold start, at temp, etc... I couldn't tell if it was RPM related - revved engine from inside car with my head out the window and couldn't tell if it increased. My phone was in the front driver side wheel well, where I could hear it the loudest, didn't check passenger side or with the hood up, I'll do that when I'm out of work. Is this normal? Could it be lifter tick? Would GM Top Engine Cleaner help? I have an old BMW that has notorious lifter tick, sounds similar. I added an engine cleaner to the oil and changed oil and the sound went away. It happens when it's low on oil as well, and goes away after topping up. I just put brand new Mobil 1 5w30 extended performance about 200 miles ago with brand new filter (P48E). The oil life monitor said 9% when I changed it old oil looked pretty filthy, and there was a generic oil filter on it - from previous owner. Just had it inspected in Massachusetts and no engine codes popped up, no light on, etc. 2nd Video taken the day after the first: The sound isn't nearly as audible with the hood open and my phone above the engine, but seems to be more noticeable along the passenger side exhaust manifold area. It also seems to be louder from underneath the truck. I'm gonna put it on my lift this week and listen more closely. Could it be an exhaust leak even though it's still audible after 1/2 hour worth of driving at idle? I know these engines have a problem with broken exhaust manifold studs, but there are no broken bolts, and small gaps should close as the metal expands right? 3rd Video: Definitely associated with engine RPM...also sounds like its the top end rather than bottom, and I'm starting to think it could be the exhaust bolts. I'll get the truck up on the lift this weekend and see if I can diagnose anything further.
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