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  1. Yeah, that is what im leaning towards. I have an appointment set up for them to look into it. i guess we will see what comes of it. Its incredibly frustrating and getting damn expensive!
  2. Yes, i had it replaced with the battery cable.
  3. OK, i have read so many posts about what my truck is doing, but i cannot seem to find an answer for the "new" issue. So a little back story, the truck would randomly shut off, or reset. I did the G218 ground fix, the problem continued until it left me stranded and had to get towed, the Dealership found a corroded battery cable and replaced it. I got home and it was fine for a couple weeks then is stated giving me "service stabiitrack" warnings are very random times.About 2 months ago i had the torque converter shudder, and took it to the detailer they replaced the torque convertor. About a month i went out and the truck was DEAD. i unhooked the battery and reconnected it and the thing fired right up. a few days later i started it and walked back inside and came out and it locked itself ( could have been me but im 90% sure it wasn't). Then i noticed my MPG's are all saying 9.0MPG and won't change even if i reset it they all go back to 9.0. and then my trip meter will jump hundreds of miles after i start my truck the next time after i reset it. Then the other day i got into it to start it after unloading it at the dump and the " Theft deterrent" warning came on and i had to jog the ignition from off to start about 5 times and i finally stared up but the warnings stayed on until i got home and it hasn't acted up since. I NEED HELP!!! so if any one has input it would be MUCH appreciated!
  4. Heres my baby! '15 with 6" BDS lift, 35x12.5x20 TOYO Open Country, XD Series XD800 Misfit wheels, Magnaflow exhaust, and plenty more to come!
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