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  1. If you get it fixed, would you mind coming back here to let those of us out of warranty know what the fix was. My '15 GMC warms up after about 5 minutes but never gets "hot". Passenger is a little better than driver but not a lot.
  2. i joined this forum awhile back to ask some questions and find some information. I was looking at a certain used truck and several of you took the time to answer my questions and give advice. I thank you for taking the time to help. I didn't buy that particular truck but I did buy, in my opinion, a really awesome truck. It not only looks good but it performs and drives better than I expected. All this to say I appreciate this site and all the members who have contributed so much to make it great. 2015 GMC Sierra SLT https://www.flickr.com/photos/panowak/32294701496/in/dateposted-public/
  3. I have not used or seen the in channel visors installed. My question is, will that cause the channel to be tighter than normal and possibly cause scratching over time? I am trying to decide if that's the way I want to go, or use the stick on ones. I have used those on previous trucks but always wondered about the in channel version.
  4. smrr1, Thank you, that is a great suggestion of having it looked at a dealer service department. "AND THE BIGGEST SUGGESTION I CAN GIVE YOU IS TAKE EVERYTHING YOU READ HERE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT", Yes, I believe you are correct. "IT IS A VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE OF TRUCKS BUILT.", Thank you, great to know that.
  5. Story is the company he works for gave him a nice company truck. Didn't need this one filling up the garage and insuring. I have no reason to doubt his story. I drove it ran it up to 80 set cruise, ran it up and down a little, all seemed good. But reading the section on vibrations, some of their issues didn't surface until around this amount of miles on the vehicle. Just trying to understand if these issues are across the board or isolated to certain models.
  6. Ok I do appreciate all the replies, all have been helpful. So the more I looked at theses trucks I found a 30k mile 2015 SLT crew being sold by the original owner. Truck is awesome. Carfax is clean. Owner says no issues. Reading these forums I'm scared as hell to pull the tiger and buy any gm truck 14 thru 17. Are they all really that bad? Headlights, vibrations? WTF? Don't like ford's or dodges but maybe I need to look there instead.
  7. Yes, the SLT, I thought the mileage was on the high side also but not terrible. Carfax and the dealer records all look good. Going down later to take another look and see about the extended test drive possibility.
  8. Again, I appreciate all the information. Doobs asked for a link, it's below. Not sure how much you can tell from it. Its a local dealer, he has a great reputation in town and the truck belonged to a local business man. http://www.mitchell-motors.com/preowned_section/ad.php?id=1002
  9. I appreciate the replies. All useful information. I will check into and extended test drive, I like the overnight idea to check out headlight brightness. I will keep looking though the posts here to gain more information form those that have fought through problems already and lived.
  10. I joined this forum to learn more about the newer body style trucks. I currently have an 07 Sierra SLT 4x4. It's been a great truck for me, but I really like the look of the newer trucks and recently had the opportunity to drive a 14 GMC SLE (local small car lot has it from a local original owner). Really liked it but I see there seem to be a number of issues with these trucks. Headlights and problems with the 6 speed auto seem to be prevalent. Long story short I was offered that 14 for what i think is a good price but I'm a little reluctant to do any thing until I know what I'm stepping into. Any thoughts on what I should really be concerned about would be appreciated. On another thought, this truck has the center front seat flip down console. Is it possible to replace that with a floor mounted console? Physically looks doable but was unsure about wiring connectors matching up for the USB and other console mounted items. Thanks Phil
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