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  1. When the shop did your leveling kit, did you have a 1" diff drop added as well? If not, the CV's are probably causing the vib. Simple install, takes about an 1.5hr my yourself and that well get you back close to factory angles while still maintaining the leveling kit. The diff drop spacer kits run about $40. Just my 2 cents.
  2. According to her (I don't drive that vehicle, I drive my Avalanche or Harley) no lights were on. And it ain't like you could honestly tell now cause half the harness for the two sensors in the lower cross member is destroyed from the wreck. But once again, the dealership last year said there were multiple faults prior to the engine locking up from a failed timing gear issue and no lights came on prior to it either. IDK... That vehicle was a piece of shit since day one and at this point ain't gonna stress it. Ain't like anybody is ever gonna get paid by GM unless someone is killed. That's just the way they do business.... New vehicle being delivered tonight from another Chevy dealership so moving on.
  3. First off I'm don't appreciate someone implying I would lie about my wife getting hit. Second it was on hwy 74 in Columbus County NC so if u'd like the police report uploaded as well then that's no problem. Third it was an F250 she hit, at approximately 45-50 mph while trying to dodge a logging truck that merged over ontop of both of them and the driver she hit reported the same. Lastly, the insurance company actually paid an investigator to look into it and they found that when the new engine that was installed last January was put in, there was a harness left unplugged and the body controller and ECM show it via download. So... In short, the dealership is now paying it off to avoid a lawsuit and check was cut today. Thanks for all ur interesting thoughts and good luck to you all.
  4. I am a firefighter and I see wrecks on a daily bases just about. There is no reason why this airbag should have not deployed. Both of them should have actually in the front the way the impact is.
  5. With another vehicle the entire front-end is bashed in. If somebody could post a pic for me on here that would be great I can text or email it to anyone. It's not giving me the option
  6. I would suggest pressing GM to put another engine in there... My wife went through the same thing and eventually it left her on the side of the road with a blown engine. The oil consumption issue and the timing gear issue are both known problems. If you push hard enough they will put an engine in there.
  7. 2010 Chevy Equinox.... 45-50mph direct frontal impact and no airbag deployment! And worse... I'm being told nothing can be done about it unless there was death or serious bodily injury or disfigurement. Is this what we can really expect from GM products now? I'd love to post a picture of it but it will not allow me yet
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