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  1. How come my dealer was able to quote it for me separately? I also found the part number and item online so that’s why I was asking if I bought it, if I replaced it do I need to reprogram anything?
  2. I need to replace the electric steering motor on my steering rack cause I broke the connector when I lifted it cause when I had it on the ground it has rolled and hit it and broke the area of the connector off that that the locking tab that locks connector in place. I’d like to change it. Don’t know if it’s a remove and replace item or if I need to have programming done or anything. It’s item #4
  3. I understand but it should still be able to produce an output signal whether there is a trailer connected or not, all Dodge trucks including the two I have produce a gain signal whether there is a trailer hooked up or not. Maybe the way this particular truck is set up it needs to have a trailer connected I don't know
  4. Got a issue with the trailer brakes here. On the cluster it shows the trailer brakes and gain but when I press the brake pedal or squeeze the small trailer brake controller handle to manually apply trailer brakes the gain bar does not respond. Not sure if it needs to be hooked up to a trailer for it to work. I've checked the fuses and found a few trailer turn signal related fuses blown. Put my volt meter on the white and blue at the trailer plug and .5v flickering voltage and when I squeeze the manuals levers or press the brake there is not voltage change either. Any help or advice would be appreciated
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