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  1. The truck came with the factory 2” AT4/TB lift. The RL level was professionally installed, but there’s always a chance they could’ve messed something up.
  2. I’ve been running this level for approx 8k miles. No issues until a few months ago the truck developed a very annoying clunk when turning into traffic and rolling at slow speeds. Drove my self insane looking for the issue and finally narrowed it down to the passenger CV axle. It had a wobble to it and was pulling away from the front diff. Was able to get the dealer to replace it under warranty, but they noted that it was caused by the extreme angle. I’m concerned now because I don’t know if this was caused by the level or if it was a faulty axle and they just blamed it on the level. Anyone else had any similar issues with nosies or failed CV? JH
  3. I do have the shim installed, but I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary once I started paying attention. @lapoolboy
  4. Probably. They don’t rub anywhere now, but the lugs on the side of the tires are VERY close to the UCA’s. I want to try a spacer, but I’m still researching as I’ve never used them.
  5. I will look out for this and respond back if I notice anything.
  6. This is my first post and just want to say that this has been a great platform for any questions I’ve ever had about my GM vehicles. I did did an enormous amount of research before deciding on the Ready Lift +2 SST (part #: 69-3920) I saw a ton of people looking for pictures of set-ups, so I wanted to share mine to hopefully help someone out. This truck came with the factory installed 2” lift (same as AT4) got the above level installed which added 2” in the front and 1” in the rear. There is still 1” of rake to the truck which isn’t too noticeable. Installed 275/65/20 Duratracs and the stock rims. You CANNOT go wider on the stock tires, as it sits now there is only about 1/4” clearance at the UCA. Truck looks/feels great & no rubs lock to lock with zero trimming. No change to factory ride. Hope this helps y’all out! -JH
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